Summer is the season for making beautiful memories, enjoying the warm weather, your feet in the sand and a delicious cocktail in your hand. It’s also the season for you to shine in the most gorgeous outfits! And that last part is where I come in by bringing you the latest trends for summer 2022. Grab a cocktail, sit back and relax and let yourself be inspired! But be warned: there is a 100% chance that this blog will give you a severe case of shopping fever… read at your own risk! ;-) 

(Summer) clothes for everyone!

First things first! Sexy comes in all shapes, sizes and skin tones. And though it has taken quite a while, the fashion industry is finally starting to embrace inclusivity. Don’t be discouraged from wearing sleeveless, short, brightly-coloured or more daring items. You are beautiful just the way you are and you should take pride in who you are. There is no ''if'' in ''you've got it''... just flaunt it! Having said that, let’s get started.  

Short, shorter, shortest

Warmer weather is finally here and after spending the better part of a year in comfy loungewear and sweatpants, we are all ready to embrace some sexier styles for summer. Well hello, mini skirt! Even though we love maxi dresses and skirts, this season is all about the short variety. A dream come true for all sixties lovers. Having doubts whether your skirt might be TOO short? Then it’s actually totally on-trend for summer 2022! Let’s take a look back at the origins of this still popular fashion trend.

In the early 1960s women hardly wore trousers anymore and the mini skirt started to appear in more and more shop windows. The young ladies that were bold enough to wear these daring skirts, were referred to as the ''Ya-Ya girls'', a term derived from ''yeah, yeah'', which was a much-used catcall at the time. Fashion designers Mary Quant and André Courrèges made their designs shorter and shorter, setting a new trend. By 1966 the skirt was at its shortest, so short it was even referred to as 'micro skirt''. The mini skirt stayed in fashion, but by the end of the 1960s the length of the skirt often went from short to long and thus the midi and maxi skirts were born.

Mini skirts are an excuberant and flirty trend. And the mini skirt has many fabulous advantages. One being that it makes your legs look endless! But it’s not just your legs that are endless when wearing a mini, so are the ways of styling this beauty! Opt for a full-out sixties Twiggy look with a tight top and a wide belt or go for an oversized sweater or blouse and rock this youthful trend in style. And last but not least... this trend is also perfect for warm weather. Keeping cool never looked more stylish! But don’t worry, we are happy to have those maxi dresses and skirts dance along in the background and of course you can still find those in our shop ;-).

You can never have too many stripes 

It’s true… we’ve never met a stripe we didn’t like! This cute and much-loved design has been a trend since forever, but it’s even more popular when the summer rolls around. ;-). Dresses, skirts, tops, blouses and even bags and shoes, stripes are everywhere and a real fashion staple. Of course, we are all familiar with the classic stripe, but this season you can have your pick of any stripe you like whether it’s horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. My favourite? All of them!

All aboard? Because I want to draw your attention to the nautical or Breton stripe… because that’s the stripe pattern that’s really hot and happening again right now! Opt for a luxurious, comfortable and glamorous Cruise look by pairing a stripe top with breezy, summery palazzo trousers or create a cute sailor girl look by matching a stripe top with navy-blue capri pants and red accessories. Multi-coloured stripes are also making a splash this summer. This season’s fashion trends are quite diverse and so are the trend colours. There’s lots of bright colours for the bold ladies among us, but you can also have your pick of more muted colours. There is something for everyone really.

It’s also an advantage that stripes can be easily paired with other items, minimising the risk of a mismatch and helping you to create a different look in an instant. Goodbye fashion faux pas and styling struggles! Using different accessories will help you transform your office look into a dinner date outfit in no time! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the versatile stripe design in all its guises. ;-)

Fresh outfit, fresh start

Even though bright colours are everywhere this season, white is also back. One of the latest trends that is quite tricky for me, since I can make a little bit of an unintended mess sometimes ;-) but it’s perfect for the less clumsy ladies among us. White symbolises new beginnings and immediately brightens up your outfit. Now that we are slowly but surely moving on from the pandemic, it’s time for a fresh start. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing when it comes to our wardrobe: out with the dark tones and in with the white items!

We either wear head-to-toe white or match white items with other neutral hues. Create a fifties look with wide trousers, a blouse and white pumps or opt for a playful, groovy seventies look with flared trousers, a crop top and white sandals. Match your outfit with light and warm hues to add a touch of boho style. Don’t feel like going all-in? No worries! White items really go with everything and that means they are never wasted, regardless of trends. An investment that you will enjoy for years to come. ;-).

Beautiful, trendy outfits for women for the summer of 2022

The sun is already shining and now it’s your time to shine too! Shop all the fashion trends in our collection and bring out your radiant beauty like never before. And why not try pairing your favourite items with the trends above? This way you will enjoy wearing your new items even more and make them part of your go-to looks this summer. Right, finished your cocktail? Ready... set... shop!