Everybody has it: their own natural look. “This is so you! It suits you perfectly!” That’s what other people would say and it’s what we all want to hear, right? But did you know that everyone has a personal style? Over the years, six different types of fashion styles have emerged and I’m going to show them to you in this blog to help you discover which style personality you are and which look suits you. When trying to discover your fashion type, a variety of things need to be factored in: style type and muse, appearance, silhouette, fashion, colour palette, fabrics, make-up and accessories. If you reach the end of the blog and are still unsure about which type you are, you can take the quiz at the end to discover your vintage fashion style! 

Fashion type 1: The sexy Look 

“The art of being undressed in a way that still counts as dressed“  -Jeanne Moreau   

Marilyn Monroe, who to this day is still considered the ultimate sex symbol, immediately comes to mind. She is the muse that goes with this look and her style personality is ‘seductress’. A woman who matches this style personality moves as gracefully as a cat and effortlessly commands attention! She knows what she brings to the table and how to use her feminine charm. She always looks put together and may even seem a little overdressed, but when paired with her personal appeal the look is always on point.    

This fashion type opts for figure-hugging clothes that accentuate the feminine silhouette. She often creates looks using elegant and strong colours, like black and red. But she also knows how to make the most of fabrics like lace, fabrics that cover the body while also showing some skin. We also look to Marilyn when it comes to make-up: flaunting a bold red lip and eyeliner for a sultry gaze. Her accessories are elegant, bold and will catch everyone’s eye. Someone sporting this look will often be admired, but when finding herself in an everyday (work) environment, she also has to be a little careful not to overshoot the mark. Meaning that she sometimes has to adapt to the unwritten rules.

Fashion type 2: The romantic Look  

''If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing“ - Coco Chanel    

To get a sense of this look, you just have to picture Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic or Julia Roberts as the turbulent Pretty Woman. Both characters fit the romantic style personality. Women who have their unique way of looking at the world. They experience life as a kind of dream and absorb themselves in daydreams to escape from reality. They often behave in a youthful or girlie manner.   

When you meet this kind of woman, don’t be surprised if you start dreaming yourself. They come across as gentle and free spirited and these characteristics are also reflected in their choice of clothes. This type of woman likes to wear soft, loose and often natural fabrics, without crisp or straight lines. Floral prints and flowy wide dresses emphasise the dreamy quality of this look.

Subtle details like ruffles and fringes also go well with this look. This look has a playful quality, still showing the feminine figure but without overly emphasising it, like for example the sexy look does. The romantic look often uses natural, soft colours like rose pink, cream and pastel paired with playful prints. The make-up is usually very natural while curly or wavy hair perfect the look. Matching the overall look, accessories are only used sparingly. The romantic look often comes across as playful, so it’s important to make sure that it isn’t too 'childlike'. 

Fashion type 3: The neo-classic Look   

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.“  - Yves Saint Laurent  

I chose two celebrities that to me represent this look perfectly: Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, who provides a younger, more refreshing take on this look. Both women fit the style personality ‘queen’. Simple elegance is characteristic of this look, allowing the individuality and personality of the wearer to shine through. This woman carries herself with a regal air and might come across a little distant.

Just picture one of the muses and you immediately have the perfect example of the neo-classic look, with crisp, clean lines that accentuate the figure. This look is all about high quality, timeless fashion. A look is often made up of basic, staple pieces that can easily be worn together. The colours are likely to be subdued, allowing the wearer and their personality to shine. Make-up is used to enhance the natural beauty, so it’s not colourful but very subtle. Coco Chanel effortlessly matched her tailor-made suits, often with minimal jewellery. Carefully selected accessories like classic pearl strings and bracelets or standout pumps can elevate the look to something unique, a chance to put your own personal mark on it. The true beauty of this look is often only visible at a second glance. This style of clothing is always on point, day and night and for every occasion! You can never go wrong with this fashion type!

Fashion type 4: The androgynous Look 

“Without difference equality is no fun” 

A muse like Marlene Dietrich is the epitome of the androgynous look. She embodies a strong character and the strong look that goes with that like no other. This style is often impressive and sexy, so it’s no surprise that this style personality is referred to as ‘the amazon’. The boundaries between male and female tend to blur a little with this look. It’s often the result of a boyish figure or of wearing clothes that don’t accentuate the figure. If you check out the wardrobe that matches this style type, you will mostly find trousers, tops and jackets. 

The clean lines really help define this look. Solid colours, subtle prints and coarser fabrics emphasise the masculine side. This look often incorporates pin stripes fabrics and fabrics in a heavy, natural and opaque colour and as a result these fabrics have become the trademarks of this style of clothing. At the same time, the feminine side is also emphasised beautifully using a feminine make-up style, a feminine hairstyle or fabulous high heels. In other words, the androgynous look combines the best of both worlds resulting in a picture perfect look. The confident attitude that goes with the androgynous look can trigger quite a response. This look works best when it comes to business attire. The Armani power suit is one of the most famous examples of this.  

Fashion type 5: The extravagant Look 

“ The more you are on top of this year's fashion, the further behind you are already on next year’s fashion”  - Gilbert K. Chesterton    

Now things are getting rebellious! The muse of this look, Vivienne Westwood, has this look down like no other. This is the look sported by the revolutionary style personality. And the name really says it all! Because if you want to rock this look, you need to feel confident, but don’t take yourself too seriously and know how to incorporate contemporary trends into your own personal style. Even though the extravagant look always follows the trends, it is also important to discover exciting combinations. Style, fabric and era… you can mix and match everything and anything that feels good is allowed! This applies to clothes, accessories, hair and make-up. Pairing masculine elements with a corset? No problem! As long as they kind of match. But be careful! It’s a fine line between extravagant good taste and styleless exaggeration. This fashion type has one major advantage though: with the right styling you can make anything extravagant. Even a girl-next-door or basic outfit can be transformed into a real eye catcher in the hands of a woman who has mastered the extravagant fashion style to perfection. This style is all about fashion with a trendy vibe and less about the personality of the wearer. This style is very dominant!   

Fashion type 6: the avant-garde Look    

“To acquire style is to acquire an identity, not a label.”  - Tom Ford  

The avant-garde look, is the look that you are least likely to encounter in day-to-day life. So it’s not surprising that this look will inspire you the moment you see it. This fashion type goes hand in hand with the style personality ‘muse’ and is therefore most likely to be found in creative circles.   

Opera singer Maria Callas and fashion writer Anna Piaggi are both representatives of the avant-garde style but from opposite ends of the spectrum. Their similarity? The special, artistic appearance with which they stage themselves. Fashion styles or trends are really just an afterthought, because the avant-garde style transcends fashion. With this look, the emphasis is on staging and presenting the unusual. The focus is not on the feminine aspect but on leaving a competent impression and astonish those who see it.

Anything goes in fashion, as long as it leaves a lasting impression. Either through the use of colourful outfits, special silhouettes or surprising details in an outfit that looks very basic at a first glance. Even though this style is very creative, innovative and bold, there is one thing that one will never lose sight of with this look: the quality of the materials. After all, how can you exude class and self-confidence wearing a lesser quality garment? Accessories and make-up are used to accentuate the desired appearance even more. A word of caution though: those who do not naturally belong to this style type should be careful because they are threading a fine line between a show-stopping look and a fiasco.  

Which fashion type are you? 

Still trying to discover which fashion type you are? Take the quiz now and find out!     

   1.Which silhouette do you prefer?    

  • X- silhouette (1)  
  • H- silhouette (3) 
  • A-line (2)
  • Y- silhouette (4)        
  • Ik heb geen voorkeur (6)
  • Ik mix graag (5)   

2. Which colour palette is the most appealing to you?    

  • Intense colours like red and black, mostly solid colours (1)    
  • Natural, soft colours (2)   
  • Soft colours, pastel colours and sometimes also more intense colours (3) 
  • As long as it’s bright and colourful! (5)   
  • Neutral and darker colours (4) 
  • Anything goes and nothing is a ‘must’ (6)

3. With which decade do you identify most?    

  • 1910s  (2)   
  • 1920s (3)
  • 1930s (4)   
  • 1950s (1)   
  • Contemporary (5)
  • Everything I like (6)    

4. Which make-up suits you best?    

  • Red lips, eyeliner (1)   
  • Natural, soft colours (2)
  • Subtle (3)
  • Feminine (4)
  • Anything goes! (5)
  • As long as it matches my look (6) 

5. Which icon is your best match?

  • Marilyn Monroe (1)
  • Audrey Hepburn (3)
  • Marlene Dietrich (4)   
  • Vivienne Westwood (5)   
  • Kate Winslet as „Rose“ (2)   
  • Maria Callas (6)         

6. Which type of fabrics do you like best?    

  • Natural, lightweight fabrics (2)   
  • Silk and lace (1)    
  • Natural, sturdier fabrics (3) 
  • Anything goes! (5)   
  • Robust fabrics (4)
  • Anything goes, as long as it’s high quality! (6)        

7. What kind of accessories do you like to wear?   

  • The occasional watch (4) 
  • Pearls (3)   
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (1)  
  • Extraordinary shapes and colours (5)   
  • Playful but modest jewellery (2)    
  • My accessories continue to surprise (6)

The number that you selected the most, corresponds to your fashion type!   

1. The sexy look
2. The romantic look
3. The neo-classic look
4. |The androgynous look
5. The extravagant look
6. The avant-garde look

What is your vintage fashion type? I can't wait to find out! heart_eyes emoji