Stunning summer dresses with pockets
Stunning summer dresses with pockets

Created from love and plenty of guts

I was on a career path that could no longer inspire me. So in 2008, following the encouragement of my business partner Jack van den Born, I decided to pursue something new, something dear to my heart. Because a few years earlier I had discovered Marktplaats (a Dutch online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers) and I realised that I have both a knack and most of all a passion for online sale. What started out as a rigorous clear-out turned into a serious online business. After a few months of preparations, Topvintage was officially established on April 1st, 2008. We started out as one of the first exclusive vintage webshops in the Netherlands. A self-made webshop that we were running from our living room with a start-up capital of €1000. In just a short time, the business really took off and about two years in Jack also quit his regular job. That’s how we started on this journey together. Then we hired one person to help us, followed by one customer service representative and over time we have established a team of almost 100 enthusiastic employees. And now, after 15 years and countless awards and honours, Topvintage has become one of Europe's leading niche online boutiques. It’s been quite a few years since we left those early years of true vintage fashion behind us, but what has endured is the love for beautiful, feminine fashion predominantly inspired by timeless style icons. By now we have established a global fanbase & community and we ship our unique collection to over 90 countries. dress emoji


Celebrate your femininity

What makes us stand out, is the carefully curated collection of items from over 200 brands that are designed to embrace your femininity.
From day 1 our main focus has been you and providing you with the best special service: you are important to us! heart_eyes emoji I also feel passionate about empowering women. You should wear what you want to wear, take pride in who you are because you deserve to be seen. We don’t have one size fits all fashion or items that you can buy just anywhere. Each to their own, but this is what we do. And we do it with a lot of love! We don’t want to conform to the prevailing ideas of what fashion should look like. Every woman is unique and beautiful. Size does not matter. We are size-inclusive and consciously choose to work with models that don’t look like the standard models that you see everywhere in the fashion industry. On our website and socials you will see models of different sizes and different ages. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, show them who you are, celebrate life, have a good time and know that only the best is good enough for you: that’s what we stand for.

Powered by women

Topvintage is a company powered by women. I’m very proud that women make up 75% of our team. Unfortunately, even now being successful as a woman still appears to be something 'special'. That has to change and that change starts with you, with us. kiss emoji


Love is our inspiration 

Our collection is curated by our Topvintage ladies with a lot of love and attention to detail. In our collection you will find a host of large brands but you will also find smaller, lesser-known and independent businesses, which are often women-owned. For an item to go online, it has to meet certain criteria. The main thing is that it makes us happy. But we also want to offer items that are unique and special, products that you won’t find anywhere else. We also cherish the relationship with the brands that we sell and will often collaborate with brands on items that are available exclusively to us. And thanks to our know-how and expertise we also have an ever-increasing number of in-house brands in our collection. Each in-house brand has its own unique identity but they all have something in common: high quality and a fabulous fit are guaranteed. The tailored clothes from our own collections are craftsmanship at its finest and that is hard to come by these days. The collections are designed by myself and the team and our head designer is the super talented Max Niereisel. And for our designs we also take our inspiration from timeless beauty icons. We are very proud of our own brands Vintage DivaGlamour BunnyGlamour Business BabeRock-a-BootyVintage Chic and Topvintage Boutique Collection. heart_decoration emoji

Our Store

Of course, we have been fully convinced of the power and convenience of online shopping for years, nevertheless a few years ago we also realised that a bricks-and-mortar store would be a fabulous addition to our service. No matter how good our online customer service is, many of you expressed a desire to have that physical shopping experience. Our first, but definitely not our last Topvintage Store is located in the most southern area of the Netherlands and since its opening we have welcomed thousands of customers from many different places. We also host regular and well-attended events. It’s so lovely meeting you all in person! Do you also want to have the full Topvintage live experience? Then our store in Kerkrade is the place-to-be, we would love to see you there. Our team of passionate and enthusiastic ladies will welcome you with a delicious cup of coffee, give you honest advice and offer you the best service. sparkles emoji

This is our story in a nutshell and we hope it can be an inspiration to you.
It all started with passion coupled with a vision and last but not least: grit and perseverance. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. 

We can do it! muscle emoji

Kindest regards,

Angelique Miseré and Jack van den Born
Owners Topvintage