Our own Rock-a-Booty brand is known for her 'unique blue dreams' and this new collection is a denim dream that makes my heart (and maybe yours too????) skip a beat. Will you pick a swing dress, pencil dress or maybe even a fabulous denim trench coat? Let yourself be inspired!

Denim blue skies in paradise

I love denim! A fabulous fabric that goes with everything and looks good on everyone. Just think of your favourite pair of jeans that you’re reluctant to add to your pile of laundry because it takes so long before you can wear it again. Or there is that fabulous dress with an edgy touch that hugs your curves and makes you turn heads wherever you go. That’s exactly how the new Rock-a-Booty collection will make you feel. 

This season our talented in-house designers were inspired by the 50s and 70s. It goes without saying that style icons like Marilyn Monroe, Jean Seberg and Audrey Hepburn are the perfect muses for this collection. Feminine items for casual days, worn by real glamour queens. This collection is also made of the brand's signature-style high quality denim fabric with a retro edge, while the variety of styles ensures that every woman will find the fit that is right for her. 

The items in this collection are real wardrobe essentials that you will always want to have at hand because denim never goes out of style. Pair them with edgy boots or sneakers for a casual day or with killer heels for a super feminine look.

Responsible entrepreneurship

Thanks to its authentic detailing, the fabulous fit and the use of high quality fabrics, Rock-a-Booty is the kind of denim brand that manufactures items that you will enjoy wearing for many years to come. The vast majority of our Rock-a-Booty collection is manufactured in a LEED-certified factory. This factory uses sustainable methods. For example, 98% of the water used is recycled and they use the method of ‘air-drying’, so no energy is wasted operating a dryer. 

Leftover fabric materials occur as part of the production process of numerous denim brands. In an effort to reduce waste, we have used these fabric remnants in the production of this collection. 

Diversity in the collection and the models 

This season, our in-house designers not only want to show you the diversity of this line but also the diversity in models. This time we have chosen the gorgeous Rachel Frances and Sophia Brown to model our collection. They are both rocking their booty in the new Rock-a-Booty items.   

The latest collection has just landed and I’m not going to lie: you don’t want to miss out on these pieces! You better hurry, so you can make a statement in these stunning items. And one thing is certain: roses are red, violets are blue and so is denim, you'll love it too!