Maybe it’s just me, but I think a good cocktail is the ultimate summertime drink! Refreshing, sweet or a little tangy: I wouldn’t mind trying them all to find my absolute favourite! It doesn’t matter if I’m away on holiday or enjoying a sunny day at a local pavement café, one of those fresh and fruity blends is definitely my drink of choice. That’s the reason for this blog: a tribute to a summertime drink and a great idea for a sunny date with your friends – the perfect outfit to match with your favourite cocktail!cocktail emoji

Aperol Spritz

Did you know that Aperol Spritz is one of the world’s most popular aperitivos? We can all picture a pavement café somewhere in Northern Italy with orange glasses on all the tables regardless of the time of day. So, how can you match such a refreshing image? Colourwise, orange is the way to go of course! And some pretty yellow detailing will go well with that. For example, an orange summer dress paired with yellow sunglasses or a yellow handbag. This is also the kind of look that is a great match with sun-kissed skin. Cheers! orange emoji

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Bloody Mary

The name 'Bloody Mary' always sounds a bit moody, mysterious and sexy to me. This deep-red beverage is not for everyone, and neither are the looks you can ‘serve’ with this cocktail. Opt for feminine red, but with a surprising green detail! A strong red lip is the perfect match for the Mary-approved look, also representing the spicy component of this recipe in a very sexy way. I also think a retro hairstyle with a voluminous look will be a great choice! heart emoji

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Gin Tonic

The G&T – a real classic that adds a bit of zing to a hot summer’s day. This slightly bitter drink always gives me a bit of a kick, so the matching outfit should have that same vibe. I think mint green, white and light blue are the colours that go with this one. Fresh, soft and light. Create the perfect outfit by choosing luxurious fabrics like for example satin and match them with a pair of sexy high heels. In terms of accessories, my advice is to keep it delightfully clean and simple, because a large glass of Gin Tonic is going to be your statement piece. ✨ 

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Pornstar Martini

Here she is, my number 1 favourite cocktail… The Pornstar Martini! I love all things passion fruit, so this cocktail is perfect for me. Sweet, soft and slightly tangy – a wonderful contrast. This is also reflected in the outfits I have created to match this cocktail. I chose yellow and purple, colours that complement each other so well and are therefore perfect for colour blocking. Want to match the tropical contents of your glass as much as possible? Try a yellow summer dress styled with purple accessories. A white detail (to match the iconic frothy foam atop the drink) will finish your look perfectly

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Last but not least: the Cosmo. Another beautiful classic! When it comes to styling, I like this one even better than the Pornstar Martini, because that shade of pink pops like no other colour! That’s why you should also opt for lots of pink in your outfit. A summery dress or a cute skirt are a great match with the feminine vibes. And just like the Cosmo, you also need some subtle yellow detailing. Just like that lemon twist in a bath of cranberry juice. For example, a pretty pair of earrings or a statement necklace, just lovely! ribbon emoji

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Which cocktail is your ultimate summertime drink? I can’t wait to see the stunning outfits inspired by these five cocktails. Be sure to show off your look (holding the cocktail in your hand as the ultimate finishing touch) on Instagram using #topvintagestyle!  selfie emoji