Welcome to a spooktacular new blog, inspired by one of the most authentic holidays of the year: Halloween. I just think it’s an incredibly fun day because you can let your creativity run free and anything goes as far as your outfit is concerned. So, I decided to inspire you by showing you my 3 favourite Halloween looks. With so many fabulous items from our new collection to choose from, making this selection wasn’t easy. But hey, I did it! So, get ready for a healthy dose of inspiration and a pinch of magic as I share my 3 favourite Halloween looks with you. 

Mixing and matching prints for a boo-tiful look  

Halloween is not an occasion to which less is more applies. Why not cover yourself in head-to-toe prints to make a statement?! Mixing and matching different prints is often seen as a bit of a challenge, but just remember that there are no wrong choices! I personally think that the combination of this skirt and this jumper is absolutely fabulous. My tip: get creative and experiment to your heart’s content!

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Gearing up for Halloween with the purr-fect finishing touches  

I love these Wednesday Addams vibes, edgy but playful too. Pick a plain black dress and let your accessories do the talking. My favourite is this Vintage Chic dress, a real timeless classic. Complete the look with these feline accessories. Black cats are good luck, right?

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When in doubt, add a little pumpkin spice  

You say Halloween, I say pumpkins! That’s why this look is an absolute must in my top 3. This dress, designed by our in-house designers, balances spooky and cute perfectly. Pair this dress with these Living Shadows heels by Banned Retro for the ultimate Halloween look. You can also wear the dress with a petticoat for an extra dramatic effect. This dress is available exclusively at Topvintage, so if you love it get it before it’s gone! 

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Trick or treat yourself

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your outfit. Wear that statement dress, buy those unique accessories and bring out your most creative side. I can’t wait to see all of your Halloween looks. In our collection you will find many more items that are great for Halloween. Check them out now and let yourself be inspired!