Hello cosy season! Autumn is officially here, so it’s time to update your wardrobe. This is your cue to put away your summer clothes and stock your wardrobe with new autumn favourites. But which items are the must-haves for this season? Grab yourself a cuppa and check out this season’s fashion trends for style inspiration!  

1.       Relentlessly Red

There are always a few key colours that shape the fashion of each new season. This autumn the colour red is making her fiery comeback. Red radiates strength and elegance and naturally draws attention. The great thing about this colour is that it’s so incredibly versatile. For example, you can pair beautiful red trousers with a low-key top or wear a red blazer with jeans. If red clothes aren’t really your thing, you can also lift your look to new fashion heights by incorporating red accessories into your outfit. However, if you’re looking to make a style statement this autumn, head-to-toe red is the way to go! heart emoji

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2.       Tartan vibes and cosy times

Get acquainted with tartan, a pattern that blends tradition with elegance and style. For those of you who aren’t familiar with tartan: it’s a pattern made up of a series of colourful, intersecting vertical and horizontal stripes creating a checked effect. Tartan has become a global fashion phenomenon and it has definitely earned its spot among this season’s fashion trends. There are many fabulous ways you can incorporate this awesome pattern into your look. Opt for a feminine outfit by wearing a tartan dress with a pretty pair of heels or give your look an edgy touch by opting for a tartan jacket with a pair of boots. The styling options of this timeless trend are endless! sparkles emoji

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3.       Hi there, power woman!  

“A power suit is not just any suit, it’s a statement!” It exudes confidence and determination. When wearing business attire, you don’t need to stick to a certain colour or style, the most important thing is that your outfit makes you feel ready to take on the world. If you look good, you also feel good. Be sure to check out our in-house Glamour Bunny Business Babe brand, because this brand is all about women empowerment. Are you ready to steal the show like a real boss babe? fire emoji

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Time to stock up your wardrobe

Of course, these trends are only intended to give you some style inspiration. The most important thing is that you wear clothes that make you happy. Try experimenting with different colours and prints to discover what suits you best. I can’t wait to find out which fashion trends you will incorporate while upgrading your autumn wardrobe! kiss emoji