With her stunning appearance and perfect vintage inspired looks, Ava Elderwood is a true retro goddess. You’re not following her yet? You don’t know what you’re missing! Click here to admire her Insta account. Time to get to know Ava a little better by asking her some cheeky questions. Are you ready?

What is the craziest question a fan has ever asked you?
‘’Even though I’m married, a male follower once asked me if I wanted to go on a vacation with him. I thought it was quite funny. :-)J I really have the sweetest fans.’’ heart emoji

You have to choose; you have to give up red lipstick or eyeliner?
‘’In that case, I will have to give up red lipstick. After all, I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was 14.’’

What is your all-time favourite bedroom song, hihi?
‘’The sweetest taboo by Sade. Ooh la la!’’

What is the best vintage purchase you’ve ever made (you HAVE to choose ;-))?
‘’A jacket from Lilli Ann. New Look at its best!’’

How was your first kiss?
“It was fabulous! It was with my first real boyfriend. I had heard many awkward stories from the people around me, but I didn’t let that stop me. We were really in love and that’s why it was a really wonderful and romantic first kiss!”

What is your guilty pleasure?
‘’I have a real sweet tooth, that’s why sweets are my guilty pleasure. I can eat sweets any time of the day (or night ?)!”

What is your biggest fear?
‘’To be honest, I’m not afraid of anything. Well, maybe darkness and being alone in the dark. But I have known a lot of fear in my life and that’s how I’ve learned how to deal with it. The most important thing is to hold on to the belief that everything will be alright. That will give you strength! The other day someone told me that singing your favourite song can also help to combat fear. The brain cannot process the contradicting emotions of fear and happiness at the same time. Let’s give it a try!’’