On May 8th many countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day (though I personally think that this should be the case every day wink emoji). The perfect time to honour all the power moms of the world; because being a mom is a fulltime job! And maybe you’re one of these power moms, you got this! Or maybe you’re thinking about your own mom or your bonus mom; this is the day that she deserves to shine and be spoilt rotten! In this blog I put some of our TopVintage ladies in the spotlight who are all power moms with their own story about motherhood to share. Ready to find out more? heart_eyes emoji

New mom

Chantal, Graphic Designer, with her son Odin:

How do you experience motherhood and what advice would you give to other new or expectant mothers?
 ‘’I could never have imagined life with a child and all the feelings and emotions that it involves. A life in which you feel more responsible than ever before and more than anyone else for this new human that you yourself brought into this world. So tiny and pure. I really could never have imagined that your heart sometimes just seems to burst with the love you feel for your child. A feeling that can be overwhelming at times: so beautiful but also so intense. There is never just a part of you that is a mother, you are always 100% a mom. Words cannot describe the love a mother has for her child, it’s something that is deep inside you. But it’s the best title and task I could have wished for! So my advice would be: don’t doubt yourself, it’s okay to have all those feelings and emotions and most of all be proud of yourself!’’ ❤

What challenges do you experience as a mother with a baby? 
‘’My biggest challenge is combining the different ‘roles’ that I now have. Being a mom, being a wife, being a friend. Doing my job and being a mom, while also finding time for a social life and my love life. But also scheduling enough me-time. Life sometimes seems to move at breakneck speed. That’s why I try to take in all the milestones, great and small, and to celebrate life!’’    

And what do you enjoy most? 
‘’Last year I was still pregnant and this year marks my first Mother’s Day with Odin, such a special occasion! I didn’t know just one look at my son Odin would make my heart burst with love. Unconditional, like I never felt before, love. When I see that wonderful smile and that bright little face, I have everything I need. A birth is the only blind date where you are sure to meet the love of your life.''

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Two moms

Rebecca, Fashion Editor, and her girlfriend Stephanie:

Do you notice a difference now that your children are being raised by two moms? 
“From the very start of our relationship we made a conscious decision that as far as parenting is concerned, Stephanie would be more in the background because the kids of course already have a mom and dad. I do regularly discuss parenting issues with my ex and we set rules that we try to stick to in both households. Of course, if there is a real problem, Stephanie will speak up and she will mediate where necessary. Luckily that doesn’t happen often (anymore) because I have two very sweet kids!”

How do your children handle this?  
''Just after the divorce, it was quite a challenge. Especially since my son Tygo, who is 13 now, was just entering puberty at the time. Although he struggled more with the divorce in general than with the fact that his mother was suddenly in a relationship with a woman. He still finds it difficult when we show affection in public, I can tell... but I think that is the case for every child at that age. wink emoji My daughter Izzy, now 9, has never really been surprised and especially likes the fact that women are now in the majority in our house, ha ha!''

What challenges do you experience as a mother?
''What challenges don’t I experience… ha ha! To me every age has its pros and cons. The time when they were a little baby was very special, but also very hard because I tried too hard to do everything right, I wanted to do everything perfectly. According to parenting books, babies at a certain age take a 2.5 hours afternoon nap, but my baby woke up after just 1 hour! Then I would panic because that wasn’t how it was ‘supposed to be’. I had the same when it came to feeding the baby; the baby drinks too much, doesn’t drink enough, etc.… so my tip is to not blindly follow or rely on what it says in the books, but enjoy this special time (very cliché but time really does fly). And be sure to trust your own (maternal) instincts… you have these instincts for a reason! Now the oldest one is going through puberty and believe me; that is a whole new ballgame! Constantly reminding him (or ‘nagging’ him according to my son) that schoolwork is more important than gaming, him always talking back to me, a bedroom that you don’t really want to enter without a face mask and gloves, a floor that doubles as a laundry basket and raging hormones! But at the same time it’s also special to see him transform into a funny and social, independent young man who is already a head taller than I am!”

And what do you enjoy most?
''Then I come straight back to those changes; that’s something I enjoy so much! How they keep changing, not just their looks and appearance of course but also their personality and character. How quickly they learn and pick up things, and how experiences and events will shape them in the future. And how wonderful is it that you, as a parent/carer, have such an important contribution to make! But no matter how fast they grow up, they still need me! To me it’s important that I can offer them a safe haven, both now and in the future. But what I enjoy most is a big kiss or hug, which I still get regularly… even from my eldest. Unconditional love!''

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Twin mom

Petra, shopmanager TopVintage Store, with her son and daughter:

How have you experienced motherhood over the years? 
''Becoming a mother is the most special moment in your life… Nothing can compete! And if you then give birth to two healthy babies in one go, it’s the biggest blessing ever. Motherhood is nothing but pure love, giving love and receiving even more love, in my case a double portion of everything. Watching your children grow up over the years is just wonderful, every age has its charm. But it was quite tough in the early years. My twins were my first children, so everything was new and unfortunately, they didn’t come with a manual. But now they are almost grown-up and I don’t want to think about them leaving home just yet. I’m very proud of the special individuals they have become, our wonderful, sweet and gorgeous son and daughter.”

What has been most memorable about raising your twins? 
''I think that what has been most memorable to me, has been the special bond that Mina and Enzo have shared since day 1, a bond that they had built during those 9 months together. A bond that is evident in so many ways; how they know what the other is feeling or thinking, how they respond to each other, how they were babbling away in the playpen and all of the antics they pulled while always covering for each other. Since the onset of puberty they’ve started going their own separate ways but that invisible connection is still there.”

Are there things you would have liked to have done differently?
''Not at all, I would do the exact same things all over again. Raising the kids with my partner, who really had to do his share of mothering in those early years (giving them bottles and changing tons of diapers), was and still is wonderful. In our case it was a team effort straight from the start, because we simply needed two pairs of hands and it has stayed that way. Twins really are the best thing that can happen to anyone!''  smile emoji

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Mommy to be

Anne, Content Marketeer and 26 weeks pregnant with a girl 

How are you preparing for impending motherhood and do you already feel a bond with your baby? 
''I know that so much of my life will change with having a baby, so I talk a lot about it all with the young moms at TopVintage and in my group of friends as well as with my own mom. That really helps! I’m also reading the book ‘How about mom’ full of stories that no one tells you and practical tips that are truly helpful: a top reading tip for all moms-to-be! I also love decorating the baby room and I’m already buying way too many clothes for my little girl! I don’t feel a real bond just yet, but I’m starting to feel the baby more and more, even though it’s still feels unreal that there is a tiny human growing in my belly. That’s why those ultrasounds are so special. But the real bond will start to form as soon as our little girl is born.

How is your relationship with your own mother and how are you experiencing this bond during your pregnancy?
"I have a very good relationship with my mom and it’s grown even stronger over the course of my pregnancy. It really feels extra special now and it has made me more curious about her delivery and postpartum period, subjects that we have never really discussed before. She has also kept a lot of the clothes and toys from when I was little, which can be used again now. And the two of us are also going shopping for the baby soon and I’m really looking forward to that! heart emoji''

What are your pregnancy struggles? 
''A few years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS so I didn’t expect to get pregnant this soon or maybe even get pregnant at all; because my doctor and gynaecologist have always told me that it would be difficult for me to conceive. That’s why I’m so very grateful that I am pregnant now, but it also means that sometimes it’s hard for me to comprehend that it really is true. It’s often thought that moms-to-be are on that famous pink cloud 24/7, which isn’t a very realistic image nor is it true for me. Because honestly, there is so much going on in your body, so many changes, and those hormones definitely don’t make things easier. wink emoji Especially the first trimester was quite an adjustment, I hardly had any energy and I was feeling nauseous all the time: but now I’m back to being able to do all kinds of things again, like exercise. I’m now following a Power Mom programme: which I can really recommend as a great way of keeping fit during but also post-pregnancy!”

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