The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, everything is in bloom and you can’t wait to wear those summery outfits again. Summer holiday season is fast approaching and the world seems full of opportunities again! Whether you’re looking forward to a vacation with lots of fun-filled activities or prefer to spend your days lounging in the garden with a  cocktail in your hand, one thing is certain: these are the 5 things that you will absolutely want to do this summer!   


1. Visit a pick-your-own flower garden  

Nothing says summer like a colourful bouquet of flowers on your table. Did you know that there are special gardens where you can pick your own flowers? Yes, picture yourself armed with a bucket and pruning shears strolling along the multi-coloured fields of flowers looking for the prettiest flowers for your bouquet. Great for gifting to yourself or someone special, but also a fun activity to do with your friends. Not all flowers bloom at the same time, so be sure to visit the garden on several occasions while the season lasts. This way you can create a different bouquet every time. Google, where is the closest pick-your-own flower garden?! Tip: for the perfect day out why not combine this fun activity with a high tea? 

2. Make your own ice lollies

Refreshing, delicious and a tad bit different! Making your own ice lollies is super easy and you can add your own tasty twist by using the recipes from Anne's blog! They are sure to go down a treat at your next picnic or garden party or you can keep them all to yourself of course (and that’s okay too). wink emoji

3. Visit a botanical garden

Want to escape busy city life, your office surroundings or just looking for a change of scenery? Transport yourself to a holiday destination by strolling through an exotic garden or get into a tropical state of mind by visiting one of the often also present tropical greenhouses. Butterflies, birds, tropical flowers and gorgeous green plants... a botanical garden is not just a feast for the eyes, a visit is guaranteed to leave you feeling zen. 

4. Picnic

Can't wait to go outside when the sun is shining? Grab yourself a wicker basket, fill it up with delicious fruit, cold drinks, tasty snacks, some crockery (like the colourful plates and cups from Rice) and don't forget your favourite book. Then head outside and look for a lovely little spot in the park, along the waterside or even better in your own garden, to put down your blanket. Spend quality time with family or friends – or maybe some much-needed time alone – and make the most of the lovely weather, summer is here!  

5. A water balloon fight

Looking for a fun-filled activity on a tropical day? Why not organise a water balloon fight with your family and friends. Kids and grownups will love it! Not just a lot of fun, but wonderfully refreshing too. Oh, and don't forget to wear your favourite swimwear. ;-)    

Are you already looking forward to your summer holiday? Let yourself be inspired by these tips and truly celebrate this time of the year! It doesn't matter what you end up doing, as long as you're having a great time. The summer is magic!sun_with_face emoji