A new dress? Check! Your favourite retro sunnies? Check! Red lipstick? Check! But what should you do with your hair? No need to stress, in this blog I share three easy hairstyles using a hair scarf. Perfect for a day at the beach, a garden party or a festival. Get inspired and have fun! dancer emoji

Different ways to wear a scarf in your hair

Here are three different ways to wear a scarf in your hair using a scarf from our collection. Which look is your favourite?  

1. Braid a scarf into your hair

Hair elastics are a thing of the past! Try using a scarf to tie up your braid instead. A stunning look and the perfect hairstyle for attending a fancy garden party for example.

How to create this look?
To start, fold your scarf into a 4-centimetres-wide strip. This scarf by Banned Retro is my absolute favourite and the one we’ve used to create this hairstyle. Place the middle of the strip on top of your head and tie the ends of the scarf at the nape of your neck. Divide all of your hair into three sections and place the two ends of the scarf into the two outer sections. Then make a regular three-strand braid. Once you reach the ends, you tie the scarf into a double knot, so you won’t even need a hair elastic for this one. How cute! heart_eyes emoji

2. Go classic

Want to try something a little different? Then you should try this classic look! It’s a style that goes way back, just like the bandana. This look is reminiscent of the way pirates used to wear their headscarf and it’s totally on trend right now. It’s also the perfect way to shield your hair from the sun, which is also important!

How to create this look?
To create this look, we used this stunning scarf by Surkana from our collection. Fold the square scarf into a large triangle shape. Place the middle of long side of the triangle on the middle of your forehead so the pointy end of the triangle points down towards your neck. Tie the two outer corners of the triangle at the back and hide the point of the triangle in this knot.

3. Wrapped bun

Looking for an easy hairstyle that always works? Use your scarf to make a headband for a lovely summery look sun_with_face emoji Choosing a scarf with a pretty pattern will really help pull your look together (like this one by ZaZoo). This is the kind of hair scarf hairstyle that always looks great, regardless of whether you wear your hair up or down. It’s also the perfect look for a festival for example.

How to create this look?
Fold your square scarf into a triangle, then roll it up into a long rectangle. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, take an elastic band to wrap around your hair and create an easy messy bun, for example by not pulling your hair all the way through the elastic on the second or third wrap. Place the scarf at the back of your neck, then bring it around your ears and tie it in a double knot on top of your head. Loosen the knot a little to make it bigger, Grab the two ends of the scarf and tuck them under the part of the scarf that is tied around your head. Then place the scarf at the centre of your head in front of the bun. That’s it!

The prettiest headbands 

Are you in a hurry or do you prefer an easy look? Try creating a quick & easy hairstyle using our beautiful hair accessories. I personally love this headband by King Louie! I can’t wait to see the hairstyle you are going to try. And whatever party or festival you’ll be attending this summer, I hope you have a wonderful time! dancers emoji