Fabulous party dress:check. New pumps...check. Your favourite red lipstick:check. Now all you need is a matching hairstyle. After all, no Christmas look is complete without the perfect vintage hairstyle. If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle that gives you the perfect holiday look, you should try your hand at gorgeous victory rolls!
Whatever your plans are: Christmas drinks, Christmas dinner, decorating your tree or a fancy party, this hairstyle is ALWAYS the perfect choice! This tutorial will show you how to create this stunning vintage hairstyle in just a few easy steps. And easy means you’ll have more time for wrapping your Christmas gifts or preparing Christmas dinner. Start rolling, beauty! heart_eyes emoji

What do you need?

  • Soft /foam rollers and a hairnet or a curling iron
  • Soft paddle brush
  • Tangle teaser brush
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Christmas playlist musical_note emoji

Step 1 – Set a festive mood

Play your favourite Spotify playlist or a cd with vintage Christmas songs to get yourself in a festive mood. Falalalala, lalalala!

Step 2 – Get curling

Roll the rollers into slightly damp hair before you go to bed at night. Create a side parting and start by rolling in the rollers on one side at the front and work your way down. Roll the roller towards your parting and try to keep the roller as close to the line of your hair as possible. This is to prevent getting a weird dent in your hair. ? When you’ve done all the rollers on one side of your head, it’s time to do the same on the other side (also rolling towards the parting).
Finish by putting a few rollers in the back of your hair (you roll the hair up) and it’s okay for these to be quite loose.

Put a hair net on to keep the rollers in place. Time for your beauty sleep. Goodnight! 
Maybe you don’t have time to curl your hair like this or you prefer using a curling iron? No problem! Simply skip step 2 (and 3 really) and use your curling iron to create tight curls instead.

Step 3 – Rise and shine

Good morning: rise and shine! Time to take out the rollers. Start at the back of your head. But be careful! Don’t let frizz get the better of you. Make sure you carefully unroll your hair from the roller instead of pulling the roller out of your hair.    

Step 4 – No frizz, please!

Carefully brush your hair against your hand with a special tangle teaser brush. This is a great trick to combat frizz and it keeps your curls soft.   Finish by brushing your hair with a soft paddle brush. Now you have wonderful vintage curls!

Step 5 – Time to roll it, up, girl

Section of your hair on one side of your parting by taking a section of hair from the ear forwards and pinning it to the back. Then do the same on the other side. Take the first section that you pinned to the back, give it a good brushing and then spritz with hairspray (on top and underneath). 
Time to roll it up, girl! Hold your hair tightly and start rolling from the side of your head into your scalp. Slide a hairpin from the front to the back. Also secure your roll at the back and at the side, use 3 or 4 pins to keep the ‘roll’ in place. Repeat with the section at the other side of your parting.  

Step 6 – Finishing touch

Apply plenty of hairspray to your ‘rolls’. As a finishing touch you can use the flat side of your comb to brush down any flyaways. Now it’s time to brush the back of your hair and you’re totally holiday proof!