We’ve been counting down the days and tomorrow Christmas is finally here! Will you be enjoying a lavish dinner, unwrapping gifts by the Christmas tree or relaxing on your sofa watching a Christmas film and drinking hot chocolate? Whatever your Christmas plans are: enjoy the time you get to spend with your loves ones. Yes, it sounds very cliché, but in the end that’s what matters the most. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas heart emoji Here are some Christmas tips from our TopVintage team that will spark a little extra joy! christmas_tree emoji

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''My favourite tip? The gift of time! In other words, spending time with your nearest and dearest; taking the time for a real conversation with someone you don’t speak to often enough, spending quality time with your partner, playing a board game with your kid(s) or going for a lovely walk in the woods with your dog. It’s also fun to start your own Christmas tradition or continue a family tradition. For example, one of the traditions in my family is that my mum always bakes Christmas stollen. It’s quite time-consuming to bake your own, but it tastes so good! Shop-bought just can’t compete. But whatever activities you decide to do, just make sure you keep it fun and stress-free!''      

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‘’What I love the most is buying the best gifts for the kids and my husband. Each gift is beautifully wrapped and decorated with ribbons and matching washi tape! LOVE IT! Unfortunately, the kids would usually storm into the room, start ripping their presents open like wild animals while shouting and screaming and it would all be over in less than half an hour. So, last year my husband and I decided that it was time to play Santa’s dice game!

#Make a list of 6 dice rules, one action for each number you can roll. Every family can make up their own rules of course.
#Lay the table with some tasty treats and drinks and put on some wonderful Christmas songs (check out Zoï’s tip).
#Make sure that everyone has roughly the same number of gifts with their name on it.
#Now roll the dice and take the rolled action:

1. Grab a gift that has your name on it and unwrap it when somebody else also rolls 1
2. Shout: ‘’Santa rocks’’
3. Grab a gift for somebody else
4.Put on your favourite Christmas song and make everyone else dance along
5. Grab a gift that has your name on it and unwrap it when somebody else also rolls 5.
6. Grab a gift that has your name on it and unwrap it straight away. CELEBRATE! 

This way the unwrapping fun is guaranteed to last much longer!”

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‘’On December 24th, we always listen to the song ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ while we’re driving to my parents for Christmas Eve. My mum always prepares a delicious chicken cocktail, a tradition that I grew up. And so is my grandmother’s Christmas dessert, which mainly consists of whipped cream and fruit. wink emoji. Of course the festive season just wouldn’t be complete without watching some classic Christmas films. My all-time favourite Christmas film is The Grinch, I just have to watch it every year. But Christmas with the Kranks, National Lampoon’s vacation and Home Alone also rank among the best Christmas films!’’ 

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This is a recipe that my dad has prepared for many special occasions over the years and it's (in)famous among family and friends. Prepare yourself for a true calorie bomb. But believe me, this dessert is worth hitting the gym for… in January, of course. ;-) 

(Death by) chocolate mousse

Serves 4
175 g dark chocolate
1 tablespoon Tia Maria or other coffee liqueur
2 tablespoons water
75 g soft butter
75 g brown sugar
4 eggs
pinch of salt

2 dl whipping cream
1 bag (8 g) of vanilla sugar
12 chocolate mocha beans or chocolate chips (optional)

Melt the chocolate, broken into small pieces, with the Tia Maria and the water over a bain-marie until smooth. Combine sugar and butter in a different bowl and using an electric hand mixer beat the butter and the sugar for about 5 minutes until the mixture becomes smooth and peaks form. Separate the eggs. Add the egg yolks to the butter mixture one by one. Add the melted chocolate and whisk for another 5 minutes. 

In a separate bowl, using clean whisks, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until peaks form. Stir a quarter of the egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture so it becomes a little smoother and then gently fold in the rest of the egg whites until the egg whites are fully incorporated in the chocolate mixture. Then spoon the mixture into your glasses and smooth the top. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, but preferably leave overnight, to set. To decorate: Whisk the cream with the vanilla sugar and top the chocolate mousse with the whipped cream. And if you would like a little more chocolate, you can of course garnish your mousse with chocolate mocha beans, chocolate shavings, etc.''

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''As I get older, there is one thing I’ve learned… the presents, the clothes, the food, etc. are really not that important. The most important thing is being with the people you love, enjoying each other’s company and that everyone’s in good health. That really is all that matters. Especially now, in the middle of the corona pandemic, you realise just how important being healthy is and you wish and hope that you have many more years with your loved ones!''

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''To me Christmas really is the most cosy and fun time of the year and I like to keep it that way. wink emoji Of course, we all like to indulge in delicious food over the festive period, preferably homemade. That’s why I always choose to serve tasty, yet simple and easy dishes. I especially like dishes that can be easily prepared in advance and that I can then store in the freezer or fridge. On Christmas Eve we traditionally have vol-au-vents filled with chicken ragout. I usually prepare the ragout weeks in advance when I have a bit of time on my hands and then store it in the freezer. 

What do you need?
0.5 packet of butter, 60 grams plain flour, 125 ml of cream or cooking cream, 1 onion (finely diced), 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, 5 chicken breasts (from the soup), 2 punnets of mushrooms, chicken stock (2x), curry powder, salt and pepper.  

First make a large pan of chicken stock (just use stock cubes) and then slowly boil the chicken breasts in the stock until done. Drain the chicken and leave to cool. You can chop the chicken into cubes but I prefer to shred the chicken by hand. While you’re doing this, you can already prepare another batch of stock.  

Melt the butter in a large pan and fry the onions. Then add the mushrooms and cook until soft. Add some pepper and curry powder, the parsley and flour. I don’t add salt just yet since the stock itself is quite salty. Stir well and once the flour is absorbed by the butter, start adding the stock bit by bit and finish with the cream. This way you end up with a thick roux that already has the mushrooms in it. You can make the sauce as thick you like it. Once the sauce is done, simply add the chicken and season to taste. Enjoy!''

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''All we want for Christmas is this Spotify list of Christmas classics that we made! Christmas is my favourite time of the year and this Spotify list is an absolute December essential. Have you already made a list of your favourite Christmas songs? There is no better way to get you into the festive mood. I also enjoy going for a nice walk during the holidays. Especially if there is plenty of snow and it’s really cold outside. Be sure to take a flask of mulled wine to keep you warm!'' wink emoji

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‘’The festive season is all about spending time together, delicious food and of course… presents! Unfortunately, this is not a given for everyone. That’s why I really only have one Christmas tip: do something nice for someone else, just because you can and because people are in need of acts of kindness now more than ever. Ask around if there are any non-profits/charities in your area that you can donate money or time to; start your own fundraiser or put together a parcel of things that you don’t need or no longer use. Around Christmas I always put together a gift parcel and then use a Facebook raffle to give the parcel to people who can really use it.  Last year this small gesture got a little out of hand and we weren’t just able to bring a little joy to one family, but to dozens of families!” heart emoji

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“Every year in November I get a large advent hamper from my mum containing 24 (little) gifts that she has collected throughout the year. Starting December 1st I get to open one of these gift every day until Christmas. And like a real advent calendar all the gifts are numbered. That’s why I put up my Christmas tree during the last weekend of November, so I can lay out all the gifts underneath the tree. That looks super festive and cosy! The only downside… as we get closer to Christmas, the number of gifts underneath the tree decreases instead of increases.” smile emoji

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''For me the Christmas season is all about gratitude. Gratitude for all the wonderful things, great and small, of the past year because luckily there plenty of those too! That’s why my best Christmas tip is to not forget about all those things; sit back, relax and take some time to take it all in! So don’t let yourself get carried away by the Christmas rush and cooking and decorating stress, but simply enjoy spending time with your nearest and dearest.''

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''On Christmas Eve we traditionally gather with the family for a 3-course meal and after the main course, we all sit around the Christmas tree to unwrap gifts. After dinner we have some more wine accompanied by a cheese platter and some other tasty snacks. And we always end the night with a fun Christmas movie: The Grinch being the all-time favourite. Boxing Day we celebrate with a dinner with friends! A wonderful tradition that is a great addition to all the family fun. One of my fun tips is playing board games together, for example after Christmas dinner. We usually play Uno and 30 Seconds. A real fun way to spend time together''


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 ''Christmas is almost here! And every year I’m like… it can’t be Christmas again already?! We’re living in weird and uncertain times, but it’s also a time when new opportunities beckon. We are each in our own way faced with what’s going on in the world right now. And I think it’s just lovely to see how everyone finds a way to carry on. Seeing all of your messages and photos makes me so happy: let’s hang onto that! Keep looking for that connection with each other, it’s so easy to lose sight of what really matters. We all need love and in a world where so much has changed in so little time, there are still some things that will never change. Keep spreading your love and light, Merry Christmas!”