Brrr… it’s still cold outside and we are going to have to wait for spring to come around just a little longer. Luckily, staying indoors can also be fun and there is nothing cosier than cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and watching some good series and films. Since we got a lot of feedback from you on the previous blog 15 retro series that you must watch on netflix, we decided to do this special follow-up featuring some of your great recommendations. Thank you for those! heart emoji So, popcorn and blanket at the ready: it’s time to lean back and relax and enjoy these wonderful must-sees.

1. Rebecca 

While vacationing in Monte Carlo our main character meets the handsome widower Maxim de Winter. They fall in love and it isn’t long until Maxim asks her to marry him. It sounds like a fairy tale come true but then the real drama begins. Being the second Mrs de Winter, she neither feels welcome nor safe at his large and gloomy estate. Here she is faced with the sinister housekeeper and the memory of Rebecca, the first Mrs de Winter, which still haunts their life. Ready to enjoy the suspense that this film, based on the 1938 worldwide bestseller by Daphne du Maurier, has to offer? Time to start streaming! wink emoji

2. Ratched

Ratched is a series that tells the story of Mildred Ratched who arrives in Northern California in 1947. Mildred seeks employment at a leading psychiatric hospital where they just started to perform weird experiments on the human mind. She is a promising nurse, but there is a darker side lurking behind her stylish exterior. And slowly but surely she starts to turn into a monster for her patients…

3. Mad Men

Of course, this one absolutely needed to be on this list! Enjoy 7(!) seasons of this drama series about the personal and professional lives of Don Draper and his colleagues at a New York advertising firm in the 1960s. Let yourself be inspired by the outfits worn in this series (or by our own Mad Men inspired collection) because they are absolutely stunning. Especially the outfits worn by Betty Draper are my absolute favourites! heart_eyes emoji

4. Once upon a time in Hollywood 

It’s the summer of 1969 and actor Rick Dalton fears that his career is fading and that his days as a leading man in TV-series are numbered. He turns to his right-hand man and stunt double Cliff Booth, who is also his chauffeur and handyman, for support. Rick is trying to find his way around in a Hollywood that is changing so much that he hardly recognises it anymore. But when the famous Polish film director Roman Polanski and his beautiful actress wife Sharon Tate move in next door, he has a feeling that his luck might be changing. 

5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

This series is set in Manhattan in 1958. Miriam "Midge" Maisel has everything her heart desires: the perfect husband, children and an apartment on the Upper West Side. But then her perfect life suddenly changes and Midge has to start over. She discovers a hidden talent that has her performing in all the comedy clubs in Greenwich Village and even gets her invited on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. You go girl! muscle emoji

6. Charité

It’s 1888 and the Charité in Berlin is on its way to becoming the most renowned hospital in the world. It’s in this hospital that Ida undergoes emergency surgery and because she’s poor, she starts working at the hospital as an assistant warden in order to pay for her treatment. While doing so she discovers her love and passion for medicine. And even though she lives in a time when getting a higher education is difficult for women and women are actually not allowed to study medicine in the German Reich, she manages to impress her colleagues. A true power woman and a fabulous series!

7. Emily in Paris 

Technically, this isn’t a ‘retro series’ but we simply had to include it in this list because it provides so much fashion inspiration! Many of you mentioned this fabulous series to us and it’s definitely binge-worthy! Emily in Paris tells the story of American millennial Emily Cooper who moves to Paris to work for a French marketing firm. There is just one small problem: Emily doesn’t speak a word of French. And that doesn’t make proving herself to her sassy French colleagues any easier. 

8. The Witcher (Netflix)

The Witcher is an awesome fantasy-drama, based on the book series of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher is set in a fictional, medieval-inspired world. The first season of the series focuses on the experiences of Geralt of Rivia, crown princess Ciri and the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg. In the end, different storylines collide and are tied together at the nerve-racking final battle for Sodden Hill. The enthralling series is set in different timelines which really makes it stand out.