With plenty of retro series on Netflix that will keep you glued to your screen for hours, it might be a good idea for you to cancel all of your other plans! And guess what? I’ve made a list for you of some of the best shows to watch right now. How convenient is that? smile emoji All you need to do is buy some popcorn, get your blanket and dig into that pint of ice cream. Enjoy! popcorn emoji

1. Las Chicas del Cable

This TV series is set in the 1920s and centres around a group of women working as switchboard operators in Madrid. All hailing from different backgrounds, they are determined to chase their dreams and fight for their freedom. A very moving, yet exciting series (and plenty of gorgeous outfits)!

2. Peaky Blinders

Set in the aftermath of the First World War, it follows the Peaky Blinders gang that wreaks havoc on the streets of Birmingham, England. The gang members are recognizable by the razor blades they have sewn in the peaks of their caps. Their boss is the dangerous Tommy Shelby. Inspector Chester Campbell is called in from Belfast and tasked with cleaning up Birmingham.

3. Velvet

In 1950s Spain, Alberto Márquez, the heir to a prestigious fashion house romances Ana Rivera, a seamstress who works for the company. I cannot really recommend this Spanish series to you as being really well-written or well-acted, but it’s guaranteed to get you hooked. Especially on rainy days, you will keep watching to get your fix of Ana and Alberto’s eternal, unrequited love. 

4. The Bletchley Circle

This murder mystery set in 1952 & 1953 centres around four regular women who are very smart and have an exceptional talent for breaking codes. Need I say more? Super exciting and a must-watch! ;-)

5. Downton Abbey

The series is set between 1912 and 1926 and is centred around the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family who live on the Downton Abbey estate. Faced with the challenges posed by the ever-changing world around them and an aristocratic lifestyle under threat from major changes to a British social hierarchy no longer in need of aristocratic titles, the family tries to secure its future. Downton Abbey has plenty of romance and drama to offer. A real must-see and this list simply wouldn't be complete without it! 

6. The Restaurant

This Swedish series is my current favourite! Immerse yourself in this family drama series that begins in 1945 and is set against the backdrop of one of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants at the time: the restaurant owned by the Löwander family. The eldest son, Gustaf, has managed to keep the restaurant afloat during the war. But soon his brother Peter finds out that the family restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy. Things will have to change if they want to save the restaurant. The youngest daughter Nina (you will love her outfits) has her own ideas on how to turn things around. She plans on opening a nightclub in the restaurant’s ballroom but not everyone agrees.

7. Outlander

In Outlander we meet a happily married nurse who mysteriously disappears in the year 1945 and then finds herself in Scotland in 1743. Stuck in a dangerous world that is completely alien to her, she has to fight for her survival. When she is forced to marry Jamie Frasier – a brave and charming Highland warrior – she is totally unprepared for the ensuing passionate love affair that will rock her to her core. For how can she choose the love of her life when both men literally live in 2 completely different worlds?

8. Alta Mar (high seas)

Spanish series are hip and happening nowadays. It all started with La Casa de Papel and Elite, but now you can also add Alta Mar to this list. Set in the 1940s, this thrilling mystery series evolves around the passengers travelling aboard an ocean liner named Bárbara de Braganza. All the passengers have their own specific reasons to travel aboard this ship and plenty of secrets to hide. But even when you are travelling on the most luxurious of ships, once things start going awry and people end up dead, you really have nowhere to go. 

9. Coisa mais Linda

My second favourite series of this list and due in no small part to the fabulous looks of the gorgeous lead actress! In the 1950s Housewife Malu (Maria Casadevall) travels to Rio de Janeiro to meet up with her husband only to find out that he has abandoned her and left with all their money. Everything seems to be lost but she decides to stay in Rio de Janeiro. Trying to build a new life and forming new friendships along the way, she also ends up reinventing herself. This gives her the courage to turn her dream of opening a nightclub into reality. Want to know more? Check out this amazing Brazilian series and find out!

10. Aquarius

Aquarius is inspired by the story of notorious cult leader Charles Manson. The story begins in Los Angeles in 1967. Sam Hodiak, an experienced LAPD detective is investigating the Manson cult. The story focuses on events that take place prior to the infamous and gruesome Tate -LaBianca murders. Manson is still an unknown, but charismatic leader with big plans who is luring people into his cult. Hodiak is assisted by a young officer who starts working undercover to infiltrate the Manson cult in order to find out if they are dangerous or not. It’s a thrilling ride!

11. Self Made

This series chronicles the life of legendary Madam C.J. Walker, America’s first female self-made millionaire. Living in 19th century America, a time when in the aftermath of slavery many black people were suffering enormous hardship as a consequence of racism and inequality, she managed to set up her own line of hair care products. Soon these products became very popular among black women, growing her business to a haircare empire and making her fortune that would be worth around 10 million euros today. An impressive achievement that made Madam C.J. Walker the first Afro-American millionaire and America’s richest female self-made millionaire. You go girl!

12. When Calls the Heart

Set in the early 20th century, this drama series stars a young woman named Elizabeth Thatcher who leaves the city to become a teacher in a Canadian coal-mining town. Following an accident that kills a large number of miners, the mining-company wants the widows that are still living in the town to move away and make room for a new group of miners. Elizabeth comes up with a plan that will allow the widows to stay. The arrival of the new miners in Coal Valley causes a lot of excitement among the women and it’s Billy who makes an impression on Elizabeth. Much to the chagrin of Jack who also has feelings for Elizabeth. Who will she choose in the end?

13. Bridgerton

Set in the aristocratic circles of early 19th century London, Bridgerton introduces us to the eight children of Viscount Bridgerton, Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth, all taking their first steps down to path to find love. But the path to true love never runs smooth. Will the eight brothers and sisters all manage to find a partner with whom they can share their love and passion and a build a future? Find out in this delightful series! 

14. The Serpent

The Serpent is based on the real-life story of main character Sobhraj, who committed countless murders in Thailand in the 1970s; targeting tourists traveling the 'hippie trail' through Asia. He often miraculously manages to evade authorities. Until the Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg, who works at the Dutch embassy in Bangkok sinks his teeth into this case and becomes determined to get ‘the serpent’ behind bars. Bizarre, but suspenseful: a perfect binge watch for a rainy Sunday!

15. Land Girls

Last but not least; the series Land Girls. During World War II, thousands of British men went off to fight and it was up to women to keep the country running. Women took on a variety of jobs, including farm work. In Land Girls four women leave the safety of their homes to start working on a country estate with all that entails.

Which retro TV-series do you feel is missing from this list? Let us know by sending an e-mail to [email protected]t! kiss emoji