Big or small, with or without colour, rhinestones and pearls, but all with lovely detail; that’s just the way we like our vintage necklaces! There’s one here for every kind of event -- whether it’s a day at the office, a family reunion, a cocktail party or a fancy dinner! 

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Darling Divine 50s Jackie Layered Pearl Necklace in Cream
Darling Divine 50s Betty Big Pearl Necklace in Cream
Amici 60s Dolly Necklace in Black
Collectif Clothing 60s Jillian Diamond Flower Necklace in Silver
Amici 60s Dolly Necklace in Black and Ivory
Lovely 50s Leaf and Pearl Necklace in Gold
Lovely 50s Grace Kelly Pearl Choker in Ivory
Louche 50s Willow Tie Up Charm Necklace in Gold
Glitz-o-Matic 50s Roses and Pearls Jewellery Set in Ivory and Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Enid Pearl Necklace in Cream
Sweet Cherry 40s My Vintage Bouquet of Roses Necklace
Lovely 50s Audrey Jet Flower Choker Necklace in Black
Sweet Cherry 40s My Sweet Bow Necklace
Collectif Clothing 50s Dianne Diamante Necklace in Pale Gold
N2 50s Little Lynx and Charms Necklace Gold Plated
Lisa Angel 70s Wise Owl Gold Plated Necklace
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