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Big or small, with or without colour, rhinestones and pearls, but all with lovely detail; that’s just the way we like our vintage necklaces! There’s one here for every kind of event -- whether it’s a day at the office, a family reunion, a cocktail party or a fancy dinner! 

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Lovely 50s Fresh Water Pearl Necklace in Silver
Lovely 20s Crystal Flower Vine Necklace in Seafoam Green
Hop Skip And Flutter 60s Porcelain Poppy Sterling Silver Necklace in White
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Coconut Fakelite Beaded Necklace in Milky Off White
Urban Hippies 50s Gold Plated Flower Necklace in Black
Darling Divine 50s No Grit No Pearls Long Necklace in Gold
Darling Divine 50s No Grit No Pearls Necklace in Gold
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 40s Mulberry Carved Beaded Necklace in Red
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 40s Twilight Carved Beaded Necklace in Midnight Blue
Lovely 20s Paris Pearls Crystal Necklace