Are you happy with the outfit you’ve just picked out, but you’re still looking for that extra retro chic touch? You came to the right address! Our vintage brooches are the easiest way to immediately give your whole outfit a classy, elegant and very feminine look! 

New! Collectif Clothing 50s Fruity Brooch Set in Red
New! Collectif Clothing 50s Tucan Brooch in Black and Yellow
Darling Divine 60s Cat Face Brooch in Black
Erstwilder 50s Betty Jo Sparrow Enamel Pin
Erstwilder 50s Cherry Bomb Enamel Pin
Erstwilder 60s Miss Mistletoe Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Squirreled Away Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Holly Jolly Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Barney's First Christmas Brooch
Darling Divine 50s Santa's Boot Brooch in Red
Punky Pins True Winter Spice Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Here For The Food Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Mistletoe And Wine Enamel Pin Set
Punky Pins Prosec-Ho-Ho-Ho Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Love Of Cats Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Feline Fine Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Cat Twins Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Hairy Pawter Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Sorry, I am Cat-Sitting Enamel Pin
Punky Pins Ying And Yang Cats Enamel Pin
Erstwilder 60s Poppy Field Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Follow the Sun Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Sunshine of Life Brooch
Lovely 30s Crystal Bug Brooch in Gold
Louche 50s Javan Lady and Dog Brooch in Gold
Louche 50s Dodo Flower Brooch in Gold and White
Urban Hippies 70s Hair Flowers Set in Blue Honey
Urban Hippies 70s Hair Flowers Set in Black Plum
Erstwilder 60s Hex Kitten Brooch
Collectif Clothing 40s Vintage Fan Brooch in Night Blue
Erstwilder 60s Babette Bee Brooch
Vixen 50s Hamish Scotty Dog Brooch
Vixen 50s Tiki Queen Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Bumblebee Burrower Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Sacha Sleeping Fox Brooch
Erstwilder 60s Olive Owl Brooch in Lilac
Unique Vintage 20s White Feather and Silver Crystal Brooch Hair Clip
Back in stock! Collectif Clothing 60s Flamingo Brooch in Pink
Urban Hippies 60s Primrose Brooch in Mauve
Urban Hippies 60s Primrose Brooch in Yellow
Urban Hippies 60s Primrose Brooch in Red
Lovely 50s Small Poodle Brooch in Gold
Foxy 20s The Buzzy Bee Hair Clip Brooch in Gold
Glitz-o-Matic 50s Monstera Confetti Brooch in Turquoise
Punky Pins 60s Black and White Cat Enamel Pin
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