Nothing makes me happier than the holiday season! For me it really is the most wonderful, cosy and fun time of the year. And of course the holiday season just isn’t complete without Christmas gifts. Can you always find the perfect gift, but sometimes struggle to get the wrapping just right? Of course, you can't go wrong with pretty wrapping paper, a bow and a gift tag! But I have some unique gift-wrapping ideas for you that are guaranteed to spark some extra joy.

Find the best Christmas gifts 

Christmas is the time of the year when we gather around a beautifully decorated tree, share wonderful meals and most importantly of all enjoy each other’s company. But the holiday season just isn’t complete without some thoughtful gifts. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, because we want to surprise our loved ones with unique and thoughtful gifts. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, be sure to check out our beauty & gifts section or our Christmas collection! I have already bagged the super cute spiced golden rum bauble and a vintage puzzle. Spread love & joy!

Pretty gift-wrapping ideas that everyone will love 

Finished all of your Christmas shopping? Then it’s time to let the holiday gift-wrapping extravaganza begin! A beautifully wrapped gift is sure to make your loved ones feel special. Here are some basic tips that will help you surprise all the people on your list with the most beautifully wrapped gifts. The best way to start is by picking your colour palette, colours that match your tree decorations would be the best choice. For example, my tree is decorated with lots of white and gold this year. That’s why I have picked wrapping paper that matches that theme. I have opted for kraft paper and white/golden wrapping paper with stars. Perfect match! Also make sure that you have gift tags and ribbon handy that also match that same colour palette. Christmas greenery, like eucalyptus, or sweet treats like Christmas cookies and candy canes add the perfect finishing touch to your wrapping, so be sure to have some at the ready. 

1. Decorate your gift with Christmas greenery

Decorating your gifts with greenery is always a great idea! Shop some Christmas greenery at your local florist or cut a little branch from your own Christmas tree. All you need now is ribbon or some double-sided tape to attach it to your gift. Try pairing the greenery with some mini Christmas baubles or bells for an even more luxurious touch. 

2. Decorate your gifts with a Christmas cookie

Definitely the most tasty way of decorating. And did I mention that I love cookies?! You can of course channel your inner kitchen goddess and bake your own or you can use shop-bought Christmas cookies. Tie the cookie using a piece of (jute) string or thread some ribbon through some edible tree decorations for a gift that is super fun (and tasty ;-))! Of course, a candy cane is another great option. Simple tie the ribbon on the gift and secure the candy cane. Have a sweet Christmas!

3. Use washi tape for your gifts

Washi tape is super versatile, readily available nowadays and great for gift-wrapping too. You can create so many fabulous things with a bit of washi tape. Things like flag garlands, or a garland of Christmas trees and stars. Washi tape also comes in many different designs, colours and thicknesses. If you opted for wrapping paper with lots of colour or a bold print, a solid-coloured washi tape or regular clear adhesive tape is the best way to go. Just use your creativity! 

4. Wrap your gift in chalkboard wrapping paper

Chalkboard wrapping paper is a pretty unique method of gift-wrapping, but it has to said it’s also little harder to use than regular wrapping paper. The paper itself is quite thick, which makes it a bit more challenging. But once you’ve managed the wrapping part, you get to the fun part of decorating. After all, chalkboard wrapping paper is exactly what you expect it to be: black paper that you can write on using a chalk marker. Write a little message for the gift recipient or opt for a Christmas drawing or doodle. The choice is all yours! You can also use the chalkboard wrapping paper for making gift tags. Cut a piece of the paper, punch some holes in it and then use some jute string to attach the tag to the gift. This adds an edgy touch, feels really personal and it’s a fun thing to do. 

5. Use (brown) kraft paper and gift tags

"Brown paper packages tied up with a string, these are a few of my favourite things!" Does that sound familiar? It’s a line from “My favourite things", a song from the film The Sound of Music. And that’s not just any film, but a film that I normally watch during the holiday season. But brown paper packages also just happen to be one of my favourite things. Wrap your gift in brown kraft paper, add some glitter ribbon and a gift tag if you like and you're ready to go!

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Everyone loves a beautifully wrapped gift. The recipient can immediately tell that you took the time and effort to make their gift look special on the outside as well, which will make them even more excited about the gift that’s on the inside. And of course, there is nothing more Christmassy than a collection of festively wrapped gifts underneath a wonderfully decorated Christmas tree. Just remember that when it comes to gift-wrapping there are no rules, anything goes. It’s your chance to be original and to make your gift look as stylish as you like. So after reading these tips, are you in the mood to do some wrapping?  Have fun and wrap it up, ladies! gift emoji