Sizes and Fit

Scoring your perfect outfit at Topvintage is much easier than you think!

Online shopping is fun and has a lot of advantages, but we can imagine that you may find it difficult or even a little frightening to buy clothes without having tried them on. And because we think that nothing is more annoying that receiving items that don't meet your requirements, we pay the utmost attention to the presentation and description (e.g. of the fit) of our clothing & shoes.

Every brand has a different fit

Topvintage offers clothing from designers from all over the world. This means that you won't find a standard size chart at our site, for the simple reason that every brand often has its own fit/size classification. Also, foreign sizes often differ from our own Dutch sizes. A Dutch size Medium isn't always identical to an American size Medium, so it could happen that you normally wear a size 40, but that one of the size charts states that you need a size XL. 
It also can happen that you need a certain size from one brand, but a different size from the other brand. Clothes that fit you well and are definetely not too small, are flattering your figure the most, so get rid of all those psychological complaints and order the size that fits you perfectly! :-D

Our size charts are custom made

Every new piece of garment is first tried on (enthousiastically) by our Topvintage ladies and, if necessary, all sizes are measured up separately. We always closely check the fit, the material used and the amount of stretch of the garment concerned. After this, we draw up an adjusted size chart with sometimes an extensive extra instruction beneath the chart in order to make choosing the correct size a lot easier.

How do I measure my body dimensions correctly?

Always measure your body dimensions while wearing underwear/shapewear only! Don't wear any extra clothes while measuring! This can prevent you from ordering clothes that are one or even two sizes too big. Also, always measure yourself using a (flexible) measuring tape. Please make sure that you measure correctly, not too loose and not too tight.


A Bust

Measured around the fullest part of your bust (over your bra). In case of swimwear, you need to measure on your bare skin.

B Beneath the bust

Right beneath your bust. This doesn't correspond to your bra size!

C Waist

Measured around the thinnest part of your waist, near your belly button, just above your hip.

D Hip

Measured around the broadest/fullest part of your hips and your buttocks with your legs against each other, while wearing underwear/shapewear.

E Thigh

The outline of your upper leg

F Inner leg

Measured from the start of your leg right to the floor.

G Length

The height of a garment is measured from the shoulder seam down to the bottom of the seam.

H Length (in case of halter or strapless dresses)

Because of the adjustable straps, halter dresses are measured from the top of the trim to the bottom of the seam. 

I Armpit to armpit

Lying flat on a table, our coats are measured from one armpit to the other.

J Waist to waist

Lying flat on a table, our coats are measured from one side of the waist to the other. 


Personal advice

Are you in doubt about the correct size, shape, colour, etc. and need some personal advise? Then, please contact us, we would love to help you! Please pay attention to the following: because modern technique unfortunately still doesn't allow us to see you live, we need to know your exact body measurements (as stated in the concerned size chart) in order to give you correct and precise advise.