Fashion of the 50s 

Elegant swing dresses, pretty floral prints and a feminine wasp waist: we absolutely adore the fashion of the fifties! That’s why we have included a large number of 50s dresses, skirts, shoes, swimwear, bags and so much more in the collection of our retro boutique! 

Gorgeous clothes from the 50s

The New Look introduced by Christian Dior shortly after World War II had a major influence on fifties fashion. The defining characteristics of this look were the wide A-line skirts with petticoats, a shapely bust line and of course the super feminine wasp waist. Ooh la la!

Wide skirts and Petticoats were just as popular as the figure-flaunting pencil skirts. However, trousers were hardly present in women’s wardrobes. But pairing a fitted blouse with a skirt or wearing a tailored suit was very much on-trend. Solid colours on the other hand were out of fashion; floral prints and polkadots were everywhere. 
Another significant change was that once rationing ended, larger quantities of fabric become available allowing dresses to be made with excess fabric, lavishly embellished and featuring gorgeous detailing. We love it! 

The Fashion of the past – the trend of the present 

Retro fashion and Vintage clothes are celebrating a comeback. This fast-paced modern life where today’s technical gadgets are old news tomorrow, leaves us longing for ‘the good old days’. A touch of nostalgia in these rapidly moving modern times. Do you love that fifties style as much as we do? Then make sure you check out our fifties collection! Have you found your favourite 50s items? Our super-fast shipping will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your new items very soon. Have fun shopping, gorgeous!