Lots of glitter, tassels, sequins and plenty of wine… this ‘Do It Yourself’ has all the ingredients for a hilarious girls’ night in haha. We’ll explain how you can make glamorous, Dita-style nipple tassels in five simple steps. Have fun!

What do you need?

·        Nipple pasties
·        Tassels
·         Contact adhesive
·         Sequins, rhinestones, glitter, etc. Any goodies you like ;-).
·         Small scissors
·         Body glue
·         Lots of wine
·         Your friends

You can find the tassels, nipple covers, sequins, glitter and other decorations at a craft store, but there are also several web shops offering a wide selection of products. Google is your friend. We bought our nipple pasties with spinners here. 

How will you style your nipple tassels? Will you opt for bright colours or do you prefer a classy look? Or a design that matches that very pretty lingerie set…
It’s up to you! :-) Just make sure that you have an idea of the colours and materials you would like to use before you start.  

Start by applying the base. This depends on the materials you are going to use. Will you be going for that ultimate glamour look with lots of glitter? Then it’s best to put some glue on the nipple pasties and dip them in the glitter powder. Or you can start by gluing on individual sequins. And maybe it’s time to top up the wine?

After you’ve decorated the nipple pasties with a frenzy of glitter and sequins, you can add some pearls or other fancy decorations as a perfect finishing touch. Are you happy with the end result? Then it’s time to attach a tassel to the spinner of each nipple pasty.

Glitter is everywhere and your hands will be sticky from the glue… but you have finished your nipple tassels!
If you want to wear your nipple tassels, it’s best to use specific body glue. 
And of course, we can’t wait to see the end result, ladies!
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