Woody Ellen

Are you, just like us here at TopVintage, a lover of that vintage and retro style and looking for something quirky? Then you're good to go with Woody Ellen! The handbags are made by the same name Belgian illustrator and artist who hand paints every bag with utter precision and love! Super cute bags with prints of the most lovely and arty drawings. 

woody ellen
Woody Ellen 50s Ladybug Coin Purse in Blue
Woody Ellen 50s Ladybug Handbag in Blue
Woody Ellen 50s Forest Retro Handbag in Black
Woody Ellen 50s Nightbloom Handbag in Black
€ 79,95
€ 63,96
Woody Ellen 50s Libre Floral Retro Handbag in Yellow
Woody Ellen 50s Glorious Floral Retro Handbag in Black