Powder Accessories

Powder is an English brend that was born out of love for design; their vision was to launch a brand of truly unique fashion accessories. Lisa and Luc, the founders of Powder, are passionated about colour, texture and attention to detail. Loveable and irresistible... that's what the accessories of Powder are!

Powder 70s Autumn Roses Scarf in Purple
Powder 70s Autumn Floral Scarf in Duck Egg Green
Powder 60s Nerd Bear Socks in Moss Green
Powder 60s Floral Deer Socks in Damson
Powder 60s Autumn Squirrel Socks in Mustard
Powder 60s Snogging Squirrels Socks in Honey Yellow
Powder 60s Floral Pussy Socks in Coral
Powder 60s Hedgehog Trainer Socks in Candy Pink
Powder 60s Pug Trainer Socks in Pink
Powder 40s Amelia Pom Pom Suedine Gloves in Tangerine
Powder 40s Amelia Pom Pom Suedine Gloves in Pale Grey
Powder 60s Embroidered Leaf Hat in Teal