You'll feel like an Italian Bella when wearing the accessories from Amici. Amici was so successful that they began to grow and expand their elegant, classy and breathtakingly beautiful collection while never losing sight of their love for the effortless Italian style ;-)

Amici 50s Catlonia Straw Visor Hat in Black
Amici 50s Citrus Tote Bag in Yellow
Amici 50s Tobago Straw Hat in Black
Amici 50s Tate Straw Hat in Natural
Amici 50s Augusta Straw Visor Hat in Navy
Amici 50s Augusta Straw Visor Hat in Natural and Black
Amici 70s Goya Maxi Beach Dress in Red
Amici 70s Goya Sun Visor in Red
Amici 70s Saffron Sun Visor in Mustard
Amici 50s Saffron Straw Hat in Natural
Amici 70s Saffron Maxi Beach Dress in Mustard
Amici 50s Limon Basket Wicker Bag in Natural
Amici 50s Gloria Lemon Scarf in White
Amici 50s Selina Flamingo Scarf in Yellow
Amici 50s Zoe Plush Toe Slippers in Black
Amici 50s Josie Plush Slippers in Dusty Pink
Amici 50s Monroe Headband in Cream
Amici 50s Victoria Fascinator in Ivory
Amici 50s Cabo Fedora Straw Hat in Cream
Amici 50s Felicia Fascinator in Navy
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