This fabric seems to have taken the fashion world by storm. You may even have some clothes made with this fabric hanging in your wardrobe, so you can no longer ignore it: Lyocell fabric! Lyocell is one of the most sustainable fabrics. But what exactly is Lyocell fabric? And what are the advantages? Since I love sustainable fashion, I want to use this blog post to tell you everything you need to know about Lyocell, give you some tips on how to wash it and share my favourite items from our collection that are made of Lyocell. 

What is Lyocell & Tencel fabric?

Lyocell is a very sustainable fabric, made of cellulose from wood pulp, which means it’s plant-based. Lyocell is also known as Tencel; Tencel being a brand name for a type of Lyocell produced by the Austrian company that first marketed Lyocell. I do think that’s quite confusing, because basically it’s the same fabric but with a different name. Something worth remembering! Not only is Lyocell/Tencel made of wood, which is a natural and more sustainable resource, the production of Lyocell also has a lower environmental impact. Because less chemicals are used when turning wood into pulp. And the water and chemicals used during the production of Lyocell, are even being collected and reused. So not only does the fabric ensure a lovely fit, choosing clothes made of Lyocell or Tencel is also the better choice. Win-win!

How does Lyocell feel?

You can recognise Lyocell fabric by its subtle, silky sheen. Besides being sustainable, the fabric also has some other positive characteristics: it feels lovely soft and supple, it’s skin-friendly (because it’s a natural material), it’s strong, it absorbs moisture even better than cotton and it’s fully biodegradable. Extra fun detail: the fabric is warm in winter and cool in the summer, because it ventilates well. A wonderful fabric to wear all year round! 

Guaranteed to make you happy!

Apart from being sustainable, Lyocell also has some other great properties that make it a lovely fabric to wear. These are some of the best things about Lyocell:

  • The fabric is strong and durable, so you can wear your favourite dress over and over again.
  • Lyocell is supple and delightfully drapey: perfect for a pretty blouse or dress.
  • It’s soft to the touch and therefore feels wonderfully smooth on the skin.
  • The fabric provides high moisture absorption, so it’s a great option if you tend to sweat.
  • There is less bacterial growth compared to synthetic fabrics, so it keeps you smelling fresh for longer.
  • The fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily (bye bye long ironing sessions ;-))

Does Lyocell make you sweat?

The answer is: no! I can imagine that when you feel the fabric, you expect it to be the kind of fabric that makes you sweat more. Of course, the fabric won’t prevent you from sweating, but there are a number of reasons why Lyocell is actually a great match for your body during the summer months:  

  • Odour resistant: No one likes smelling of sweat. The bacterial growth of synthetic fabrics is 2,000x faster compared to Tencel. That makes Tencel the perfect choice for keeping your armpits fresh during the summer. 
  • Absorbent: Since it’s wood-based, Lyocell has some great moisture-absorbing properties. Meaning: clothes made of Lyocell fibres dry quickly and absorb moisture easily.
  • Ventilation: A great advantage of Lyocell is that is ventilates well. Your body heat can easily pass through the fabric, so your skin isn’t ‘locked in’ like it would be if you were wearing synthetic fibres. Making it much nicer to wear.

The best way to wash your Lyocell clothes 

Lyocell can usually be washed in the washing machine at 30°C maximum using a delicate cycle. If Lyocell is woven (you can tell if it incorporates just a hint of stretch) and has a dark colour, it might be sensitive to less gentle wash cycles or detergents. Make sure you check the care label before washing your clothes: if Lyocell is blended with another fabric, the care instructions might differ from those for garments made of 100% Lyocell / Tencel. Want to opt for hand wash? Make sure you use a mild detergent and cold water. And don’t wring the garment, but gently squeeze out the excess water otherwise you might damage the material.

Since Lyocell doesn’t wrinkle easily, it rarely requires ironing. I personally think that’s a big plus, because I’m definitely no fan of ironing. If your Lyocell garments are slightly creased, your best option is using a clothing steamer to fix it.  Don’t own a steamer? You can try using a steam iron over the garment (not directly on it). Using a regular iron set at a medium temperature, you should be able to iron out any wrinkles. Laundry made easy. wink emoji

Treat yourself to a pretty Lyocell dress, jumpsuit, top or shirt from our collection

A number of brands in our collection, like King Louie and Tante Betsy, also include an increasing number of items made of Lyocell in their collections. Love it! Curious to know which items I’m referring to or want to check out the other sustainable products in our webshop? You can find them here! Happy shopping!