If you hold onto something long enough, it will eventually come back into style. A look at this year’s autumn/winter fashion trends proves just how true that is. And this means that you can get your hands on this year’s trendy items for autumn/winter by going through your grandmothers’ closets, visiting flea markets and vintage stores or by shopping the modern, vintage-inspired versions of these items at TopVintage. wink emoji Either way, I’m here to help you discover the trends that I know you’ll love with an overview of the top 6 fashion trends for autumn/winter. 

What are the top fashion trends for autumn/winter and which trends will suit you the most? 

Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet, but there is no need to feel sad. Thanks to these trends for autumn/winter 2021, you will step into the cooler season with a big smile on your face and plenty of fabulous outfits in your wardrobe. The great thing about retro fashion in general is that it has something for everyone. And that is also reflected in this season’s trends. It doesn’t matter which fashion decade you prefer, whether you love statement pieces or opt for casual looks. The advantage of these trends is that you don’t need to go all-in, but that you can incorporate them into your looks in the most subtle of ways. This way you can experiment with a new look while your wardrobe is totally up-to-date. Trip down memory lane... uhm... autumn/winter 2021 in 3...2...1…

1. Glitz & glam, all year, every year!

Even though the number of parties to attend will still be limited this year, this autumn is all about adding some sparkle and shine to our outfits. And to be honest... isn’t right now just the perfect time to shine?! From sequins and glitter, metallic shades to chic gold. Of course, this trend originated in the early roaring twenties and has never really been out of fashion since. This season is no different; glitter and glamour are hot! So, how can a real diva incorporate this trend into everyday life? Of course, you will be dressed in head-to-toe glitter for late evenings at the cocktail bar, but adding some glamorous details is also essential for a daytime look. Why not try pairing your classic office outfit with a festive garment or with bold sparkling jewellery? The sky is the limit.

2. The puffier the sleeves, the better the look

‘’Do you have something up your sleeve(s)?’’ You could hide all kinds of ideas and plans in the sleeves that are trending this autumn. Already popular in the summer of 2021, this fashion trend has followed us into autumn and winter… the puff sleeve! Definitely not true for all things in life, but when it comes to this trend, we just have to admit: the bigger, the better. A puff sleeve is not just perfect for adding a cute touch, but it also makes a fabulous eye-catcher, or make that two eye-catchers. Create a sophisticated forties/fifties look with a classic blouse or dress or opt for a playful sixties/seventies look with a knitted jumper or cardigan... puff sleeves are everywhere this season. And *poof* before you know it, there are puff sleeves in your shopping bag! 

3. Flowers always and always

Flowers never seem to fade in the world of fashion. And this season they are in full bloom once again. Forties cutie or seventies babe… this fashion trend is a great choice regardless. Because this autumn floral prints seem to come in two distinct flavours: the ‘granny florals’ and the ‘anti-wallflower blooms’. The names really speak for themselves. Granny florals are those dainty, delicate flowers in soft colours, reminiscent of the flowers on the wallpaper that your grandmother used to have. While the anti-wallflower blooms are all about large, bold flowers in eye-catching groovy colours. Why choose if both styles will let you bloom, flower and flourish? 

4. Legs for days and days and days!

It makes total sense for our legs to have their moments in the sun during the summer. But thanks to this trend, your legs will also get the love and attention they deserve come autumn/winter. They are gorgeous, so why hide them? Tights in bold prints and colours are 'hot and happening' while also protecting you from the cold. Want to go all out? Add a pair of high boots to your outfit so you can flaunt your endless legs for everyone to admire! Don’t feel like wearing skirts dresses or shorts? No problem. Use a pair of eye-catching socks to add a fun touch while wearing your comfy jeans.

5. Lots of check prints at my check out

Do you already have this trend in your closet? Check, check, double check! Another timeless classic that will wow for years to come. Just like in decades past, this season’s check patterns come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles. Houndstooth patterns and tweed fabrics are also essentials. Coats, dresses, blouses and skirts doused in checks. Want to opt for a subtle detail instead? No problem! If you like this trend, you can also opt for scarfs or gloves. But with so many check items available, making a choice can be quite a challenge. Wait… is that 2 check items that I see in your shopping bag? Or even 3? 

6. Seventie(s) layers during winter

A fabulous trend that was an absolute must in the seventies and we totally get it! Why limit yourself to just one item if you can layer several? An added bonus is that this trend will keep you cosy and warm during those colder days. Add some layers to your look and play with different lengths for a standout look. For this trend, you should opt for a minimum of 3 but preferably 4 layers! Try pairing your favourite white blouse with a cardigan, sweater and/or gilet and make sure the blouse’s collar sticks out from beneath the upper layer. Team with your favourite jeans, high boots and a scarf to complete the look. Or maybe you prefer wearing dresses? Wear a top or gilet over your favourite (floral) dress and layer a long cardigan on top. Going outside? Make sure you wear your long coat. You can also opt for faux fur or wool accessories as the perfect finishing touch for a standout seventies look. Warm and fashionable? A match made in heaven if you ask me!

Winter fashion 2021: Are you ready for autumn & winter? Shop till you drop!

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