Life is too short to wear boring dresses: especially when it comes to maxi dresses. Whether you’re out having lunch at a sidewalk café or celebrating a special day: you can never go wrong with a maxi dress. Actually, long dresses are a great choice for every season. Maxi dresses are a trend from way back but they are still hot & happening right now! Get inspired, try something new and fall in love with long dresses just like me!

Long dresses are back… but they were never gone

In the immediate post war years, women were expected to dress modestly. But the changes brought about by the First World War helped women find a new sense of freedom and independence and many started wearing much shorter skirts and dresses. And who can blame them? After all, the beautiful female body deserves to be seen! However, the trend didn’t stick around since the 30s and 40s marked the Golden Age of Hollywood and short dresses had to make way for full-on glitter and glamour with dresses that exuded elegance and style. The maxi dress was born and its popularity actually peaked during the hippie era of the seventies! Since then maxi dresses have never really gone out of style and are still as stunning as ever. Just picture yourself on a luxury yacht along the Côte d'Azur, feeling like a true vintage queen in the most beautiful long dresses. I have already rolled out the red carpet for you! ;-) 

Long dresses for every season

Every day is a perfect day for wearing a long dress. Long dresses are usually more popular come autumn and winter. Such a great match with edgy boots! But long dresses are also a comfy choice when temperatures are soaring in the summer season. Because maxi-length summer dresses are made of breezy materials, so you can just as easily wear them when you’re dancing in the sunshine at a festival or when you’re taking an evening stroll along the beach. For summer, long dresses look great when paired with sandals or sneakers. But you can also have your pick of maxi dresses for the winter season. These feature long sleeves, are made of a thicker fabric and you can style them with thicker tights and boots. In short, a long dress is a great outfit choice no matter the season! 

Maxi dresses for every occasion

We women love to wear dresses and long dresses really do stand out. Can’t decide on what to wear for a certain occasion? You can never go wrong with a maxi dress! Yes, a long dress is office-appropriate but it’s also a great outfit choice for a festival or wedding. And they are so super practical too, you just slip them on and you're ready to go! Something that I absolutely LOVE in an outfit! If you wear a long dress, you immediately look and feel put together, there is nothing else you need to do to complete your look. But if you do want to add our own personal finishing touch, you can match your long dress with these fabulous retro accessories.

A maxi dress is the perfect item for every woman

Don’t let anything stop you from wearing a long dress. Long dresses look good on everyone. After all, you can wear a long dress as loose or form-fitting as you like. For example, by adding a detachable belt to define your waist. Whether it’s a long tight dress, a long dress with short or long sleeves, a long wrap dress or a shirt dress: there is always a style that is the perfect fit for you. And they come in a variety of colours and prints too. Have your pick of casual long dresses in solid red or black, or opt for a standout item in a retro design that is simply perfect for date night or a garden party. 

Pretty summer dresses, beach dresses, satin, linen and wrap dresses for women

Maxi dresses are a sure-fire way to make you feel super feminine! They can easily be combined, are comfy to wear and are super feminine to boot: what more could you wish for? Dresses have never gone out of style. Take the maxi dress for example; it was worn by elegant ladies back in the day but it’s also a hot fashion item nowadays. In our extensive collection you will always find one that suits you! I definitely have a soft spot for maxi dresses and who knows, maybe you will have too.