Winter season is upon us and that means bundling up in thick sweaters, scarves and coats. I always enjoy putting together a winter outfit by layering different pieces. Because with the right layers you are fully prepared to face cold winter mornings while you can also wear that same outfit to go out for drinks while soaking up some of that rare winter sunshine. My tips & tricks will help you layer your clothes in a way that is functional as well as fashionable. Do you want to layer your clothes for winter like a pro? Then keep on reading!

Layers will support you through thick and thin 

A layered outfit doesn’t just look fabulous, it’s super practical too. An outfit like this will help you brave the cold, but you can also make it work if you do get warm. Mastering the basics of layering will prevent you from having to do a striptease (if you don’t want to ;) ). So to make ‘undressing’ a lot easier while also preparing you for all weather conditions, I recommend the following: 

-  Wear the thinnest, most lightweight fabrics closest to your skin and then layer the thicker fabrics on top. In other words put on something thin like a T-shirt as your base layer, followed by a mid-layer made of a thicker fabric like a pullover,vest or a cardigan followed by a coat as your outer layer. 

Select your colours from light to dark

The easiest way of creating a stylish layered look, is by arranging the colours you wear from light to dark. It’s not a fixed rule of course, but it does make it easier to create a layered look that is both functional and fashionable! Mix and match to your heart’s content 

Now that you know the right order in which to layer your clothes, you can go all out! Take all the items out of your wardrobe that you might want to wear as part of a layered look and start matching them. And bear in mind, every individual piece needs to match to ensure that you still look fashionable and stylish when the layers come off. wink emoji

Accessorise to complete your look 

I think that the right accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to your look. When it comes to a layered look, I think a pretty scarf or hat is the way to go! They are easy to take off when you get warm, they are always a cute addition to your look and super comfy to boot. That’s not just a win-win situation but a win-win-win! wink emoji

A multi-layered love 

When creating a layered look, the possibilities are endless. I love it! If you opt for an outfit that you feel good in and that matches the occasion, you can’t go wrong. If you haven’t gone to your wardrobe to try out these tips yet, then you should run (not walk) because you don’t know what you're missing. ;) Have fun layering! heart_eyes emoji