Even after all these years, the gorgeous women from the past and their fashion sense still dazzle me. Every decade has its own charm, trends and inspiring style icons. The looks of these three gorgeous women make my heart race and I am eager to share them with you. wink emoji Ladies, here is an introduction to your new favourite looks!heart_eyes emoji

Suit up like Marlene Dietrich 

German-born actress and cabaret artist Marlene Dietrich, aka the high queen of drama, dazzled everyone with her glamorous looks. Throughout her career she continued to push boundaries with her appearance. She often experimented with wearing men’s clothes, setting a trend that is still popular in modern fashion… the Marlene Dietrich trousers. These wide-legged trousers caused quite an uproar in the 1930s,  but pretty soon they were also spotted on the likes of Audrey Hepburn.

The advantage of wearing these Dietrich trousers? They are sure to flatter any figure and will make you feel super feminine. The high waist draws the eye to your narrowest point, while the long, wide trouser legs make your legs look endless… that’s all we dream of! Pair these trousers with a pair of high heels, a bag, and a chic blouse, waist coat or blazer jacket for an outfit that is classy, glamorous and makes you feel like a boss. A must-have outfit as far as I am concerned. wink emoji

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Be a babe like Bettie Page 

The babest babe of them all! With her hair as dark as night and a smile as radiant as the sun, Bettie Page was and still is a true style icon for many. Cute but sexy, innocent yet daring… thanks to her gorgeous looks her modelling career took off in a matter of months. Photographer Jerry Tibbs helped her put together her first portfolio and suggested she cut her bangs, which became her signature look. Later on, she spiced up her Pin-Up look by incorporating BDSM elements, turning her into the first famous bondage model. Not your average model! wink emoji Besides wearing bikinis and lingerie, she also made the most of her curves in other figure-flaunting outfits. Think pencil dresses or pencil skirts paired with fitted tops with a waist belt and sassy stiletto heels.

Every body is beautiful and deserves to be seen, so show them what you got! Flaunt your curves in this sassy Bettie Page look. Wear a tight-fitting dress or a high waist pencil skirt with a top and use a wide belt to accentuate your waist even more. Put on some red lipstick and high lacquer heels to complete your irresistible look. Go get ‘em, tiger!

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Flaunt it like Farrah Fawcett 

From being voted ‘most beautiful’ of her class in her high school years to becoming one of Charlie’s Angels… seventies sex symbol Farrah Fawcett left her mark in the beauty and fashion industry! Famous for her gorgeous, voluminous hairstyle, and that famous red swimsuit as well as for her casual outfits. When I think of Farrah, I think of THE picture and I’m sure you’ve seen it too… Farrah Fawcett sporting her signature hair-do and wearing a long-sleeved red top, high waist jeans with flared legs and Nike Cortez sneakers while skateboarding through Griffith Park. This kind of laid-back seventies look was one of the looks she was often seen in, the other being the sequined dresses that she wore for her red carpet appearances.
An outfit that delivers style and comfort in equal measures? That’s like music to my ears! Farrah wore her flared jeans in a multitude of ways… sporty and casual or classy and business-like. In summer I like wearing my flared jeans with a striped top, a belt and trainers, but simply adding a blazer allows you to create a completely different look! 

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Which look is your favourite?

My motto is: why choose if you can rock them all?! What’s so great about these items is that they are so easy to combine. This means that you can mix and match these items to your heart’s content and adapt your looks to suit your mood. Create one of these iconic looks using the items in our collection or challenge yourself by mixing up the different styles. Be confident. Flaunt it. You are wonderful!