Stunning summer dresses with pockets
Stunning summer dresses with pockets


Our charity 1000Children strives to enable orphans and homeless children in India to live in dignity. Children are born in the streets and live by the side of the road in dreadful conditions. Often they have been abandoned by their parents. Did you know that the average life expectancy of these street kids is only 3 years? On top of that, they live in constant fear, because kidnapping, abuse and human trafficking are commonplace.

A safe environment
We therefore think it’s very important that these orphans grow up in a safe and loving environment, where they are cared for by local mamas. The mamas are widows and this way we can also offer them a safe environment. We also help them to earn a wage, since there is no safety net for widowed or divorced women in India. They are simply abandoned to their fate.

The peace of one’s own home
We are currently renting a number of houses in India to provide shelter, food, clothing and education to 35 orphans as well as to the mamas. In November we started to build our own help centre, in order to be able to rescue many more children in the future. Our goal is to rescue at least 1000 children in India, but we would be even happier if we can help 10,000 children instead!