In our collection you will come across numerous black-and-white dresses or items with black-and-white prints and patterns. Always beautiful, timeless and super classy! But how can you make sure that these clothes still look smart and fresh after the first wash? In this blog I will give you some laundry tips that will make your black-and-white items last (almost) forever! 


A splash of vinegar 

Did you just get a new black-and-white garment? Then you might just want to stop in the kitchen on your way to the washing machine: because we would recommend that you treat this garment with distilled white vinegar first. Vinegar basically helps you lock in the colour, keeps it looking fresh longer and keeps the black from fading. So be sure to add a small cup of vinegar to your washing machine’s compartment for fabric softener. Please note! This tip is not suitable for cotton clothes.   

Wash by hand 

Do you have a black dress with a white top, for example? Then it would be advisable to wash it by hand. Start by washing the white part first and then wash the dark part so that most of the residual dye is removed. This way you can prevent the black from greying the white (such a shame!) and you keep your clothes looking beautiful for longer. 

Colour catcher to the rescue 

Use a colour catcher laundry sheet when washing your black-and-white items (different brands will often be available at your local supermarket or drugstore). This sheet traps loose dye from the water and stops it from transferring onto other items. Super practical and these sheets do exactly what the name says they do!

Long live the delicate machine wash cycle 

Do you prefer to machine wash your clothes? Then you should always opt for the so-called delicate or gentle cycle at 30°C and use a small amount of washing powder or detergent, preferably specifically formulated for delicate laundry.

The care label is leading 

In addition to the tips mentioned above, we always recommend following the instructions on the care label, after all these instructions are leading! In this blog  you will find a practical overview of all the care symbols. If you have any questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

The prettiest black-and-white dresses 

Still looking for a pretty black-and-white dress? Check out this selection from our collection. Gorgeous key items that you will enjoy wearing for years to come, especially if you follow the tips listed above. wink emoji Do you have some top tips of your own or maybe some questions regarding these laundry tips? Please contact our Customer Care ladies. They are happy to help!