Stunning summer dresses with pockets
Stunning summer dresses with pockets

Fun dating tips

First date

Going on a first date with that cutie? How exciting. These tips will make that first date a success!

·         Going ice-skating together is a classic first date! Finish off the date with a well-earned cup of hot chocolate.
·         Head to a flea market. Even if you don’t need anything, it’s always fun to browse around vintage clothes, tableware or LPs. It’s a fun day out for both of you and it’s a great way to avoid those awkward silences.
·         How about some alpaca cuddling? You can engage in this pastime at a variety of farms nowadays. And if you don’t like your date, you can always cuddle with the alpaca’s. Too cute!
·         Rent a tandem and take a bicycle tour together. Make sure you’re seated at the back, so your date can do all the hard work.
·         Go go-karting. Which one of you is the most fanatic racer? The loser has to buy the post-race drinks.   
·         Go to the zoo and spend some time visiting the monkeys.
·         Book a boat trip. Do you think it’s too cold for that? Don’t worry, it’s the perfect excuse to cuddle up.

Date time with your lover or your friends…

But in need of a little inspiration? These ideas will make your date a whole lot of fun!

·         Take a long walk in the woods and leave your phone at home. Back to nature and plenty of quality time together!
·         Prepare a delicious picnic, grab a blanket and head to the park. Too cold outside? Why not have a picnic in front of your fireplace?
·         Why go out if you can stay in and play a game of Twister (or a whole host of other fun board games)? You’ll be in for a hilarious evening! So stock up on wine and finger food and let the games begin. 
·         Why not conquer your fears together? Go to a theme park and take a ride in that super-fast rollercoaster.
·         Channel your inner van Gogh by painting each other’s portrait. If painting isn’t your strong suit, you might want to agree on drawing a caricature instead, just to make sure you don’t end up in a fight, haha.
·         Want to add a splash of colour to those dreary winter days? Why not opt for a game of paintball? 
·         Take a road trip! Don’t know where to go? Let a flip of the coin decide your destination: heads is right and tails is left. Going on a voyage of discovery together is always a great idea! Where will you end up?
·         Attend a wine tasting! Not much of a wine lover? Why not opt for a beer tasting instead? Cheers!
·         Take a dance class together. Salsa, hip-hop or cha-cha-cha... plenty of choices. How great is it to learn new skills together?
·         How about some karaoke? Show off your skills and sing a duet. Join in the fun even if you aren’t blessed with a golden voice. 
·         The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, right ladies? So, why not take your lover or friends on a food tour of all your favourite breakfast haunts, lunch spots and restaurants all on the same day? It will feel like a mini-holiday and is a delicious treat.
·         Plan a trip around the world. Admittedly this might take a bit more planning and saving than a regular date, but you could change it to planning just the one holiday. It’s proven that time spent just looking at holiday destinations actually makes you happier.