Booties and boots

“These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.” A classic phrase, sung in the sixties by Nancy Sinatra. She knew very well what a good pair of vintage boots or booties can do for you: they make you feel feminine and powerful at the same time! 

B.A.I.T. 40s Rosie Oxford Shoe Bootie in Black
Tamaris 70s Lori Suedine Boots in Black
Banned Retro 60s Clustered Heritage Boots in Black
Banned Retro 50s Vintage Wings Shoe Booties in Black
Lulu Hun 40s Selma Half Boots in Black
Tamaris 60s Marley Embroidered Ankle Booties in Black
Ruby Shoo 60s Hermione Floral Wellington Boots in Black
Lulu Hun 50s Ellen High Heel Shoe Booties in Black
Tamaris 40s Dorothy Shoe Booties in Black
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Adamay Lace Up Booties in Black
Tamaris 70s Livia Lace Up Ankle Booties in Black
Tamaris 50s Classy Suedine Ankle Booties in Black
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