Wedding season is upon us! Is the wedding of your bestie or a beloved family member fast approaching but you still haven’t picked out an outfit? Don’t panic, I’ve got you! It’s totally understandable that you want to look your absolute best on such a joyous and festive day. Of course, every wedding is different but what do wedding guests usually wear? What are the do’s and don’ts of wedding guest attire? I’m here to help you out, so keep reading gorgeous!

Smart and festive vintage wedding guest attire for women

What should you consider when attending a wedding as a guest? From the moment the invite lands on your doorstep, there is only one thing on your mind. What should a wedding guest wear? I get that! A wedding is a special occasion and of course you want to put some extra effort into your overall appearance, so you will look your festive best. But what should you wear? The first step is checking whether there is a dress code. If there is then it is expected of you that your outfit is appropriate for that particular dress code. But what are the style rules that will help you look appropriately dressed for such an event if there is no dress code? One thing that will help you determine what is and what isn’t an appropriate outfit, is the wedding venue. For example a pair of killer heels are not the best footwear option when attending a beach wedding. The time of the wedding can also be of help, are we talking daytime or evening wedding? Get inspired!

Dress to wear as a female wedding guest for a daytime wedding 

Are you attending a daytime wedding? Opt for a short dress that is either knee-length or sits just above the knee. But pay close attention to the length of the dress, since miniskirts are usually not considered a wedding-appropriate outfit. You can make the overall look even more elegant by pairing your dress with a suit jacket. The perfect finishing touch! It’s also advisable to think about the weather forecast, after all you won’t be doing yourself any favours by wearing a cocktail dress to a winter wedding. 

If the wedding you’re attending doesn’t have a strict dress code, you can opt for pairing your smart dress with a pretty jacket or cardigan. Cardigans are also a perfect choice for weddings that start in the afternoon and continue throughout the evening. Those are the occasions when you want to go for an outfit that is both elegant and comfortable. By pairing a pretty festive dress with a jacket that matches your outfit, you can make sure that you won’t be getting cold later on at night.

Dress to wear to an evening wedding

Are you attending an evening wedding? Then this is your chance to wear a floor-length dress! In addition, when it comes to an evening dress versus a daytime dress, you can also choose a special fabric like lace or a classy sequined dress. But a cocktail dress also makes a great evening dress. Put on your most beautiful dress and match it with pretty heels and accessories. Just make sure that your dress is classy and that it isn’t white (it’s best to leave all white, ivory and champagne-hued shades alone). Remember: white is for the bride. You normally can’t go wrong with a bright colour or a pastel shade! 

What are the don’ts of wedding guest attire? 

Have the tips mentioned above helped you put together a lovely wedding outfit? Great! Then there is just one thing left to do. Check that your outfit stays clear of any of these wedding attire don’ts to prevent fashion mishaps ;-):

  • Wearing bright white or any other shade of white is an absolute don't! Unless the dress code specifically mentions that white is allowed or maybe even required.
  • Don’t wear black to a daytime wedding. Dark blue would be the better option, or you could for example match a darker colour with a bright one.
  • I love denim! But when it comes to weddings, jeans and denim dresses are definitely not the way to go.
  • Make sure that you’re not overdressed. Your outfit should always be respectful of the bridal couple. You never want to outshine your bestie or other loved one on their special day.
  • Last but not least: never ignore a dress code. There is a reason why there is a dress code, so make sure that you follow it. Even if it doesn’t match your personal style. Try to find the middle ground.  

What should we wear to a wedding

If you follow the tips listed above, you should be alright. If you choose an outfit that matches the dress code, location and the time of the wedding, you can’t really go wrong. Do you still have some doubts about your look? Be sure to check with the master of ceremonies (or alternatively with one of the bridesmaids). He or she should be able to tell you more about the exact dress code and the wishes of the bridal couple. This way you won’t be feeling uncomfortable or awkward when the big day rolls around.  

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