Animal print is back in full force and can jazz up any outfit. Since animals prints are so versatile and because today is World Animal Day, here are my top animal print picks. Whether you opt for sassy leopard or for a cute bird or cat print: the styling options are endless! From dresses to bags and accessories, these items are wardrobe must-haves. 

Animal print clothes

Wearing animal prints is not for everyone and it never has been. For example, in the past only a bold woman would incorporate a leopard print into her outfit but nowadays leopard print is more accepted as an everyday style. Even the mixing and matching of different animal prints is trendy right now. Previously, animal prints were mainly used in extravagant or statement-making garments. Luckily, nowadays we have a much wider choice of types of prints, colours and items. Do you prefer solids over patterns? Try incorporating an animal print top or accessory into your look. This will add a sassy touch… but in a very subtle way. ;-)

Timeless leopard print vs. colourful animal prints

Ideally, you should invest in an animal print item that is timeless and easy to combine, such as leopard print. But if you want your outfit to be a fashion statement, you should pick a print in a bold colour. For example, a pretty dress that makes for a great day wear and evening wear. Then pair this dress with tall boots. The type of print you pick, will determine how bold your look will be. If you opt for a beautiful classic like leopard, you are less likely to stand out. But of course, the choice of print all depends on your personal preference. 

Animal print dresses, sweaters, tops, shoes, trousers and blouses

One thing is certain: animal print clothes are a must-have this season! Leopard print, zebra print and other animal prints are everywhere in fashion. If you don’t want to wear an animal print outfit, you can also opt for a gorgeous accessory. My favourite is this zebra box bag by Darling Divine. This beauty also comes with a detachable, gold-toned chain strap so you can also playfully wear this bag over your shoulder. Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side!

Go wild in an animal print outfit 

Animal print is totally on-trend right now. Even though it’s one of the most divisive trends in fashion, there is no denying that it’s an absolute classic. And I totally get it, animal prints are so versatile and offer endless styling options. Besides, you can wear these fabulous items all year round. Have you spotted a fun animal print item that you want to get? Happy shopping!