Do you think that living more sustainably is hard or boring? Think again! Even the smallest changes aimed at helping Mother Nature can have an impact. Here are 7 easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle! ! smile emoji

1. Half the shopping = double the fun

Do you and your girlfriends, your mother or sister share a love for one or more particular web shops? If you do, combining your shopping lists and putting in a joint order is a great option. Not only can it help save shipping costs, it’s also a more sustainable way of online shopping. After all, it means that only parcel needs to be delivered containing items for several addresses, so only one courier needs to be out on the road and it helps save packaging material as well. Perfect! And then there is the fun of unpacking your purchases together too!  

2. Try eating less meat  

It’s not only better for animal welfare, but also for the environment. Meat production requires a lot of water, for example it takes approximately 15,500 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef. In order words, it takes around 1,300 litres of water to produce a serving of meat for your dinner. So even skipping meat now and again has a bigger impact than you might think. I actually stopped eating meat almost 2 years ago (but I do eat fish sometimes). Luckily, nowadays there are plenty of good quality and delicious meat substitutes and wonderful recipes that have made it a lot easier to eat less meat or even stop eating meat altogether. 

3. Let’s have a party!

Fed up with that dress or those pumps taking up space at the back of your wardrobe? Sometimes you buy a fabulous item that you absolutely love, but then one day it no longer fits you, you realise it doesn’t really match the other items in your wardrobe or maybe it just doesn’t fit as well as you would like it to. Those items are perfect for a clothing swap party! Invite your friends or for example your co-workers that are roughly the same size as you and ask everyone to bring the prettiest items that they no longer feel like wearing or maybe have never worn at all. It’s a great way of giving well-loved clothes that you no longer wish to wear a new lease on life and a chance for you to add some cute items to your wardrobe too. Just add some drinks and snacks into the mix and a fun time is guaranteed. Prefer doing things online? Share your item(s) via our Retro Lovers Facebook group and you might make someone else really happy with an item that you no longer wish to own :-D

4. Bag for life

Always take your own (recyclable) bag with you when go shopping, so you don’t need to opt for the single-use plastic bags available in store. That makes a huge difference! Do you prefer shopping online? Be sure to check out the web shop’s policy. For example, did you know that we ship our orders in packaging made from 100% recycled plastic? You can find out more on our ‘responsible entrepreneurship’ page.

5. Always consult the size guide

Make sure that you keep the number of parcels you need to return as low possible. Because this will help reduce CO2 emissions. One of way of minimizing the number of return parcels, is carefully checking the size guide before you place your order. If you check the size guide beforehand, it’s less likely that you will order the wrong size. Did you know that our size guide will provide you with the correct size recommendation 99% of the time? The reason being that our Fashion Editors measure and try on every garment, so that our size guides can provide you with the best possible advice. Need a little help taking your own measurements? Check out our ‘How to measure yourself correctly' page for more info! 

6. Build a bug hotel for your garden

It’s easier than you think, costs next to nothing and it can help conserve the already struggling insect life… so really it’s a must-do! Your chance to lend nature a helping hand and create a natural way of maintaining the balance of the local ecosystem. And it’s not only good for the insects, you will benefit too since these insects can help keep unwanted pests at bay. I’d say go for it!

7. Reduce shower time

I know: long, hot showers feel great. But they are also really bad for the environment. If we would all reduce our time in the shower, we could save a whole lot of water. On top of that it would also cut our energy bills. The average shower lasts 9 minutes, but if you and the other people in your household agree to only shower for 5 minutes, you could save around 15,000 litres of water and 60m3 of gas. So it’s also a great way to save yourself some money! Money you can then use to shop the prettiest items from our sustainable collection. I’d call that a win-win.  wink emoji