Velvet, satin, a classy black dress or all the way in a glitter suit: we all have our own style and our own favourite party look. But this year really is the perfect time to go all out. So make sure you add some sparkle and shine to your look this holiday season! Haven’t found your perfect party look yet? Let yourself be inspired by the diverse party outfits of some of our gorgeous TopVintage ladies. Which look is your favourite? 


Why is this your favourite party look?
‘’I want my party look to deliver style and comfort in equal measures. Tight-fitting clothes just aren’t that comfy and I don’t feel confident wearing them. That’s why I usually wear a pretty swing or A-line dress. This year I have picked this green velvet swing dress by Vintage Chic. The fabric is just great for the upcoming festive season and looks super classy to boot. The dress is heavy and has a lovely drape thanks to the velvet fabric. While the V-neckline is neither too low nor too high, so I can also pair the dress with a pretty piece of jewellery. I just feel really beautiful in this dress!”

What are your plans for the holiday season? 
‘’This year I’m celebrating Christmas with my family, also including my uncles, aunts and cousins. We’ll be driving to the Sauerland region in Germany because that’s where my aunt lives and I’m hoping that we’ll have plenty of snow. Because Christmas just ain’t Christmas without snow. For me, spending time with my loved ones and enjoying wonderful meals together is the most important part of the holidays. Since the pandemic hit spending time with your family has become even more important.’’

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Why is this your favourite party look? 
"This dress makes me feel super feminine and totally ready for a smashing party (at home)! High heels and a sparkling sequined bag complete the look. I also love to be able to wear a party outfit for different occasions and with this dress all I need to do is change up my accessories and shoes!’’

When will you be wearing your favourite party look & what are your plans for the holiday season?
‘’Of course, I will enjoy wearing this look at Christmas. After Christmas we’re leaving for Paris and I’m definitely packing this dress so I can wear it while having a romantic dinner along the Seine. I’m so looking forward to it!" heart emoji

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Why is this your favourite party look? 
‘’Because it sparkles! The dress is black and classy, but festive at the same time. After all, what could be more festive than gold stars?! During the festive season I’m all about the sparkle and shine but without compromising on style. And that applies to clothes as well as Christmas trees, lol. And that’s why this is the perfect party look for me." 

When will you be wearing your favourite party look?
"This is the perfect look to wear on Christmas Day. Ever since I was little, it’s been our family’s tradition to celebrate Christmas Day with a big family get-together at my grandmother’s house. A decorated Christmas tree, a large dinner table set with the finest tableware and there are gifts for all the little ones on the sofa. Everyone is wearing their Sunday best… until we change into our ugly Christmas sweaters for the traditional family picture. But this party look is also perfect for New Year’s Eve!" 

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Why is this your favourite party look? 
"Nothing tops a little black dress! And this one is my favourite because the top is so festive. And quite important too: it’s styled with a wide skirt with a lovely stretch to ensure a comfy fit while I’m enjoying my Christmas dinner. I love wearing an outfit with a quirky twist, so my party look just isn’t complete without an Erstwilder Christmas brooch." 

What are your plans for the holiday season? 
‘’I always celebrate Christmas with my parents, my sisters and our respective partners. We usually start off the celebrations with Christmas dinner in the afternoon and end up playing board games in the evening. A lovely laid-back Christmas!” ’’

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Why is this your favourite party look? 
"In this glitter dress I will feel like a real diva during the holiday season. It makes me feel confident and feminine. The full length of the dress is covered in gorgeous black sequins and it flaunts a modest but pretty V-neckline. But this dress is also comfy to wear, so I can move freely, which I think is a big plus. High heels complete the look and then I’m totally ready for the holiday season!’’

When will you be wearing your favourite party look & what are your plans for the holiday season? 
‘’I’ll be wearing this look for Christmas and New Year’s Eve but I will also be wearing it to future parties. I’ll be spending the holidays with my family and boyfriend. We’ll be hosting this year’s Christmas celebrations, which means that our family will come round to our house for an elaborate Christmas meal with lots of delicious food and an evening of board games and exchanging gifts. I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve with my group of girlfriends, with snacks and lots of drinks!’’

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Complete your own party look!

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